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Upgrade Style and Performance With Authentic Truck Parts

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Upgrade Style and Performance With Authentic Truck Parts

Patrick Howard
May 7, 2013

A brand-new truck is absolutely flawless but for a lot of people, the base design is not enough to meet style and functionality requirements -- thus, they customize until the overall design and performance meets their standards. Of course, the latest truck has got to be the most satisfactory when it comes to look and performance, but for those who want their truck to be a reflection of who they are, it's only but necessary to add touches here and there that would personalize this amazing truck.

Popular truck parts that auto customization centers recommend are the following:

1. Tonneau covers - It doesn't matter whether you opt for a tri-fold, hinged, retractable or a roll-up because any of these options will keep your cargo or gear secure, as well as create a clean, streamlined look for your truck bed. Tonneau covers are typically custom crafted to perfectly fit trucks.

2. Special seat covers - Not only do these accessories add more color and character to the interior of the truck but what's more important is they also protect the seats from stains and other damages. Likewise, they also make sitting more comfortable, especially if the material is soft and slightly cushioned. Leatherette seat covers remain to be very popular, but hard-wearing neoprene is quite in demand as well for it's easy to clean.

3. Performance chip - This tiny gadget will give you a better idea of the functioning of the mechanism under the hood of your truck; at the same time, it provides you better control of the power level of your engine and lets you monitor the truck's other vitals.

4. Grille guards - Always provide more protection to the front-most part of the truck. They do not contribute to the aesthetic value of the vehicle but they make sure that the headlights are adequately shielded from direct contact in case of accidents. These come in a wide selection of styles.

5. Weathertech Lampguard Headlight Covers - These protect those important and often expensive headlamps. They are made of thick, double-polished urethane material that's optically clear and can be stuck directly to the surface of the headlight. They have built-in ultraviolet inhibitors that help prevent the material from drying, hardening or discoloring.

These are just five of the most popular parts for the popular truck. From performance parts to accessories, anybody wishing to customize his truck for improved style and performance has a wide range options to choose from.

Looking for upgrades to get your Ford F150 performing even better? Be sure to use only genuine Ford F150 parts. Grab them here.

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