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Ford F150 Eco Boost - Fuel-Efficiency Meets Superior Running Power

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Ford F150 Eco Boost - Fuel-Efficiency Meets Superior Running Power

Lisa Jane Foreman
May 7, 2013

When fuel-efficient vehicles first came out, everybody was so excited because environmental responsibility was definitely creating an impact in the motor industry. People could finally feel less guilty for contributing to pollution which is largely responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer and whatnot. However, tests revealed that the modified make-up compromised running power and many even joked fuel-efficient vehicles would make the worst getaway cars.

Anyway, improvements have been made because, truly, now is the most ideal time to optimize engineering technology for smart transportation. Ford definitely did its homework and came out with the Ford F150 Eco Boost engine which incorporates the "established heavy-duty truck diesel engine technologies of turbo-charging and direct fuel injection in a gasoline engine."
Ford made sure that by the time this innovation comes out in the market, it would already meet the expectations of many who were quite disappointed with the initial provisions of most motor companies. To prepare for this, the auto company conducted researches and a gruelling regimen of tests (the Torture Test) for durability to witness how the class-leading EcoBoost truck would fare -- not just within controlled conditions, but more importantly, in the real world.

When compared to the other somewhat similar provisions from other motor companies, the Ford F150 3.5-liter EcoBoost reigned supreme in three of the five main categories. As a smaller engine, it's the best in class for fuel economy city/highway, combined at 16/22 mpg and 18 mpg, respectively. Its torque is also the best in class at 420 lb/ft, and towing capacity is at 11,300 lb. On top of these, this EcoBoost engine also reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to a substantial 15% -- a bigger percentage compared with much larger though less efficient engines from other brands.

With the EcoBoost, many claim that drivers and riders will see a higher mix of personal use than the usual heavy duty tasks. The F150 truck delivers the same quality performance consistently - it's always at work, there should never be any compromises for environmental responsibility, fuel-efficiency and function. It illustrates the auto company's commitment to really elevate engineering in catering to the changing needs of their customers.

As every new year rolls in, the motoring company continues to hone its engineering technology to further make improvements. Everybody sees the change in bodily design, of course, but for Ford, the target is to create vehicles that really serve the more demanding requirements of the future.

Ford F150 Eco Boost provides more power and better fuel efficiency that can help you in your travel. As a result, individuals are rest assured that they have the best vehicle that can improve their lifestyle. Check out http://www.hannafords.ca/new-inventory/index.htm.

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