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Top Five Accessories For Ford F150 Trucks

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Top Five Accessories For Ford F150 Trucks

Jessie Swanepoel
May 7, 2013

Most truck owners are outdoorsy or work in physically demanding industries. Depending on the nature of their activities, they can determine the accessories to use for their trucks. For owners of the best-performing truck in the auto market, the Ford F150, there really is not a lot more to add because this truck is just superbly designed -- and the latest model, according to some reviews, is just completely well thought of. From technological features for entertainment and comfort, the exterior is just completely flawless. However, if you wish to protect the sleek quality of your new Ford F150 by incorporating some accessories, here are the top five accessories for Ford F150 trucks according to motoring enthusiasts and experts:

1. Grille guards - The F150 has a really nice-looking grille; it's like you're looking at the mouth bling (aptly called grilles as well) of famous rappers like OutKast and Weezy F., but they are very prone to damage as they are usually the first contact points for traffic mishaps. To protect the nice grille of your F150, grille guards are must-have accessories to install. They come in different materials and designs to choose from.

2. Light bars or Safari lights - These are also popular especially for trucks that are often used for emergency situations. With the worsening environmental systems, installing a light bar will prove to be a very worthy investment.

3. Bed liners - These are custom-fit solutions that protect and maintain the Ford F150 truck bed. They prevent scratches, dents, paint damage and corrosion. Likewise, the liners' material makes loading and unloading a breeze as well as helps prevent the shifting of cargo or equipment during transport. Most of these accessories are made of recyclable material and have protection from damaging UV rays so they will not break or crack even during extreme weather conditions.

4. Tonneau covers - They are definite must-haves because they serve as the ultimate protection for the truck bed. They help keep cargo dry and the bed free from dirt and weather elements like rain and snow. There are many different types but the most common ones are the foldable and roll-up covers that are very easy to install and use.

5. Bedside rails - These are basically safety and security features for the truck bed where cargo and equipment are placed. With these rails, tying down cargo becomes so much easier. Also, these accessories provide additional height to the sides of the truck bed which is helpful in keeping contents of the bed better protected from falling off even if they are not tied down.

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