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Ten Things Your Auto Lift Might Have In Texas

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Ten Things Your Auto Lift Might Have In Texas

Nick C.
November 5, 2007

Warning: the following has been written so that those that are mechanically inclined will find it humorous. If you don’t know how to fix your own catalytic converter or how to change your headlight fluid, you probably won’t get many (if any) of the jokes below.

Admittedly, the jokes themselves aren’t of the highest caliber. It’s amazing how hard it can be to roast on a state, especially one that is as infamous as Texas. While you might think that the jokes would comfortable roll off the tongue, the reality is that it’s much more difficult than you’d think. Not to mention we had to put on our cowboy hat in order to get enough inspiration from our beloved Texas friends.

Oh well, we still did it. You know your auto lift came from Texas if:

1. The posts have bullhorns on it – Yee-haw!

2. Your auto lift is the garage – How else can you lift trucks the size of a small house?

3. The technicians have handlebar mustaches – C’mon, they’ll always be classic (at least they will be in Texas).

4. The posts are in the shape of shotguns – I think this one is self explanatory.

5. The technicians offer a fire-grilled steak while you wait – There aren’t a lot of things better than a thick, juicy Texas steak cooked to perfection.

6. The auto lift is done entirely in chrome – Everyone knows that chrome is where it’s at anyway.

7. The lift arms have an eight inch lift kit – Everything’s bigger in Texas, right?

8. The mechanic is wearing a ten-gallon hat – Yee-haw!

9. The auto-lift is in the shape of a cactus… with a gun – There are two things that you see a lot of in Texas: cacti, and guns.

10. The technicians are cowboys, complete with six-shooters – You know your car is safe!

Do you know how you can really tell if your auto lift came from Texas? The lift support arms are double reinforced to handle the ten-ton Texan trucks that it will be lifting! That makes sense, right?

So there you go. Now you have the elements to determine what a real car from Texas has. If thinking about purchasing one, contact your local cowboy mechanic so he can get you in the rodeo! Go get them!

Nick C recommends www.equiptool.com which provides a wide range of Car Lifts Texas for your car, truck or motorcycle.

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