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Pros and Cons of Buying Seized Vehicles

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Pros and Cons of Buying Seized Vehicles

Staggerlee Phillips
July 30, 2007

Smelling that oh-so-sweet scent of brand new upholstery, peeling off those plastic covers, and running your hands through the soft leathers are some of the best experiences you can have if you buy a new vehicle. But if you are short of budget, then there is nothing wrong with buying seized vehicles.

But just like buying a brand new car, buying a seized vehicle has its own pros and cons. Take note of the following so that you know what to expect when you buy seized cars.


Cost - This is definitely the number 1 reason why people love to buy seized vehicles. And why not? Imagine you can drive home a used vehicle that is cheaper than its current resale value. This is possible because seized cars are different from regular secondhand cars. Seized cars are most of the time, repossessed cars from owners who were not able to pay for the car mortgage or loan from the government, banks, or other lending institutions. Since these vehicles take up lots of real property spaces, they will have to be sold and must be converted into liquid assets fast and cheap. When you buy seized vehicles, you can save as much as 90% from its current resale value.

Variety � Buying from new car dealers will limit you to the latest model or models in the current production line. Buying from seized vehicle dealers will give you the widest choices from the latest models to older models. This is certainly an advantage if you are looking for a vehicle of a particular year model.

Availability � Seized vehicles are being sold all across the country so you will not going to have difficulty finding one near you.

Quality � There are seized cars that are less than a year old. These "almost new" vehicles are still in very good conditions. Knowing how to buy used car will help you find a good quality vehicle at cheap price.


Quality � This will also work to be a disadvantage with seized vehicles since previous owners may not able to take care and maintain their cars. If you were unsure of the vehicle you are about to buy, check it first, thoroughly. It is recommended if you bring an expert mechanic with you at the showroom. He will be able to help you inspect the car you want to buy.

Time consuming � Going through all the inspections and hopping from one showroom to another just to find the right vehicle may take a while. If you mind doing these, seized car hunting is definitely a work for you.

Extra cost on repairs � Although many seized vehicles are in good running condition, there are times where they require some "un-ignorable" repairs. So instead of buying and driving it straight home, you will have to bring it to a mechanic and pay extra for it to become safe to drive.

Hidden bad history � Auto dealers intentionally or unintentionally forget to tell you that the car has been involved in a car accident. Either way, a car with a bad history is less reliable than a car with a good one. To ensure that you get the right information about the car you want to buy, get the history report of the vehicle or get the VIN of the car and have it verified.

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