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How To Understand Your Car Warranty

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How To Understand Your Car Warranty

Chuck Smith
July 4, 2006

The warranty of your car is something that comes when you purchase your vehicle. It is considered as a promise from the manufacturer that says that the vehicle you purchased is factually stated and legally implied by the company that created the vehicle.

With this in mind, it is then important that you do know and understand what is stated in the warranty in your car. In fact, this document should not be just simply kept and stored. As a car owner, you should be able to read it and understand everything entailed in it.

Of course, not all car warranties have been written the same. Some offer a great amount of coverage while some offer coverage for only a couple of items that the company may state. Some would have car warranties that would be only for 12 months. Others offer up to three years in warranty.

Go ahead and read everything in the warranty booklet. This is the first step to understanding it. If you do not know what it is, it could look like your owner’s manual. However, it is much thinner.

Understand the items covered in the car warranty. Almost everything in your vehicle would be covered. However, keep in mind that not all are included. Some items that are commonly excluded in the items covered by car warranties may include your wipers, fluids, tires, belts, accessories, windows, battery, oil filter, and the emissions system.

To make sure that in any case you do need to have something done by the manufacturer itself and so that your car’s warranty would be honored once you need it, follow any schedules recommended as per the maintenance of your vehicle. Keep all records to serve as proof. Also, make sure that you do take good care of your vehicle. Most car manufacturers do not honor warranties when the problem could be due to the fault or abuse or misuse of the owner.

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