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Is Your Car Leaking?

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Is Your Car Leaking?

Jennifer Dylan
July 4, 2006

Your car is able to perform well because of the many components that it has. Of course, it needs not only the metal parts for it to run smoothly. It also does need fluids for it to work well. An example of an essential car fluid is your fuel. If there is no fuel, your car would not even run or go a certain small distance.

The very thing about car fluids is that they do not get used up, with the exception, of course, of fuel. Fuel is the only car fluid that is used up. As per the other fluids which comprise of oil, coolant, windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, gear oil, and automatic transmission fluid, all of these remain in their containers. Now, according to automobile experts, if you do notice that there is a low level or amount of the various fluids in your car, it may be an indication of a leak.

Oftentimes, leaks are easily detected and there is no need for you to rush to a car service shop or garage just to see if there is indeed a leak going on. Anyhow, you should first open the hood of your car and inspect the engine and the engine compartment. You should also go underneath your car and see if there are areas that are wet or if there are some places dripping. While doing this, you should use a flashlight to help you out.

To help you out know which fluids are leaking, you could use the following information: Coolant looks green and sticky. If it is the windshield wiper fluid that is leaking, you would find this to be bluish and kind of watery. Your car’s engine oil would seem to be honey-colored or dark-colored and it is greasy. As per the automatic transmission fluid or the power steering fluid, it would be slippery and reddish. The brake fluid would look clear or even yellowish at times.

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