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NHTSA: Auto Safety Starts At Home

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NHTSA: Auto Safety Starts At Home

Mark Clarkson
July 3, 2006

How a person acts in the society is basically the attitude that he has been taught at home.

This has been one of the major theories and beliefs that people have. This is mainly because it has been said that the home is the breeding ground for attitudes and beliefs. If your child grows up to be an extrovert, then it is because being an extrovert is a characteristic that has been taught to the child at home. Whatever a child sees in an adult especially sees in his parents, he copies and imitates it for that is what he thinks is right.

The same goes true for auto safety. And this is according to the new National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) chief, Nicole Nason. Nason is a mother to two young girls. And she firmly asserts that if you want your child to know auto safety, it is important that he or she sees it in you as the parent. She even states, “This is a family issue and vehicle safety needs to be the priority.”

Nason is up to promoting such a campaign towards widening information on auto safety. This new NHTSA chief has been serving the organization for years as an aide to Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta. Now, she is still serving the NHTSA as its administrator which she started back last May.

Auto safety is indeed a very important aspect that parents should not forget to teach their children. After all, the statistics simply are bothering. Annually in the United States, there are around 43,000 people killed in crashes, accidents, and collisions, and along with that some 2.7 million people also receive injuries. Nason also believes that if auto safety is practiced by parents, children are much more likely to learn the trait. And if parents do get to follow rules and prioritize safety, there would be much lesser children dying or getting injured because of crashes.

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