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Should Poland Be Looking Forward To More Chevrolets?

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Should Poland Be Looking Forward To More Chevrolets?

Terry Brown
June 30, 2006

There have been reports of General Motors planning on building Chevrolet vehicles and cars in Poland. In fact, this has been acceded when a spokesperson from the company said that, indeed, the car manufacturer is already in advanced talks with UkrAvto, a Ukranian car manufacturer. They would be having a joint venture so as to produce Chevrolet vehicles in the mentioned country.

This spokesperson continued by stating, “We are talking to them and are making good progress in the talks.” He even stressed that General Motors would be creating Chevrolet vehicles in Poland which would be new entrants to various levels in Europe.

Primarily, this would be a good move for General Motors. After all, they are spending much on the transportation of their Chevrolet vehicles. At present, all Chevrolet vehicles that are for the European market are still being imported from South Korea. With production held in Poland, everything would be much easier for the car manufacturer.

Speculations are circulating that one of the vehicles that would be built in Poland for the European car market would include the Chevrolet Aveo, which is the brand’s entrant to the small car category. There are even predictions of being able to create around 25,000 units of this small car but the company is even targeting towards a much greater number.

However, all these plans on the manufacture of Chevrolet vehicles in Poland are becoming reality despite the fact that General Motors in Europe is facing problems with its assembly plant which is located in Portugal. They are spending much on that assembly plant in the mentioned area and the company is even planning on shutting down that plant by October this year. The only way that they could keep the plant up and running would be if both the government of that country and its workers would be able to cut down the costs of manufacturing.

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