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IZOD IndyCar Series: MAVTV 500 IndyCar World Championships

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Open Wheel Racing Topics:  MAVTV 500 IndyCar World Championships

IZOD IndyCar Series: MAVTV 500 IndyCar World Championships

Marco Andretti
September 14, 2012


THE MODERATOR:  We'll wrap things up with Ryan.  Congratulations on the great qualifying effort. 
We are now joined by our polesitter, Marco Andretti. 
Marco, talk about today's qualifying run and that impressive first lap. 
MARCO ANDRETTI:  I had my mind made up that I was going flat.  Whatever was going to happen was going to happen.  I even talked about it with my engineer.  If I do a lazy lift, we're not going to have a chance for the pole. 
So, you know, I just went for it on lap one.  She hung in there.  But then lap two, I committed again to being flat.  I had an even bigger lift.  I should have, hindsight lap two, just done a lazy life, just committed to lifting.  Instead I committed to going flat and had to bail out big-time.  That almost caught me out with Ryan.  I was worried about that. 
I've been on the outside looking in on that hundredth of a mile an hour for the pole.  I was on the good side of that today. 
THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Marco. 

Q.  This isn't the year obviously that you've wanted.  Where did things get off to a bad start?  Do you feel at any point that you turned a corner?  Can you take any solace in going out strong?
MARCO ANDRETTI:  Oh, yeah.  We're definitely showing up here to win.  I know my teammate's in the championship.  We're going to help him if we're around him on the track by not interfering, but this is going to race like a high-speed short oval.  There's not much I can do drafting-wise to actually help him.  I'm not going to hurt him or Will.  I'm going to be out to try to win the race, end on a good note to carry some momentum into the off-season it is my been street courses. 
My road courses I'm fine.  It's the street courses that have been killing me.  It's inspired me to work harder off track, really try to find what I need at those places in the setup.  We'll be working hard on that in the off-season. 
But it's so close.  I mean, if you're on the outside of those 2/10ths, you're 16th where I've been hanging out lately.  It's frustrating.  We need to look at that.  If we do, we can be the one contending for the championship next year, no question. 

Q.  When did you last change an engine? 
MARCO ANDRETTI:  It would have been I want to say Baltimore.  I've been lucky with the penalties, yeah.  I had to take the penalty when every Chevy did at Long Beach.  But I've been pretty lucky. 

Q.  Is that the only penalty you've had? 
MARCO ANDRETTI:  I'm not sure.  I think so.  Yeah, so credit to my guys. 

Q.  I know we've talked about this isn't necessarily the season you wanted.  Talk about the year Andretti Autosport is having. 
MARCO ANDRETTI:  Yeah, it's definitely credit to the team and how hard they've been working.  It's finally paying off.  We're finally on the upper side of this hundredth of a second.  Like I said, it not a lot of time. 
Yeah, Ryan came out swinging.  He's proven himself on the streets.  He's become more of a well-rounded driver this year.  That's all you have to do, is just be consistently up there. 
As for me, we still had a chance at winning the Indy 500 this year.  I felt like I gave up Iowa, as well.  But those are the ovals.  I know where I need to work. 
THE MODERATOR:  We'll wrap things up.  Thank you so much. 
MARCO ANDRETTI:  Thank you. 

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