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Brazil Found To Be World Leader In Production Of Biofuel

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Brazil Found To Be World Leader In Production Of Biofuel

Margaret Adams
June 29, 2006

Research and Markets has just recently announced that they had added a new entry to their collection of studies. This new one shows off that Brazil has been found out to be quite a leader in the world production of biofuel, especially biodiesel. They have given the title “Biofuel Market Worldwide (2006)” for their new offer to the public.

This new report holds information that has been updated and with information recently gathered. Readers could also find a very detailed overview on the status of the worldwide market of biofuel.

Biodiesel is a form of biofuel. In fact, this could actually replace diesel. However, this one comes from natural and biological supplies. Because of such a nature, biodiesel can be used readily in most vehicles holding engines that run on diesel. With the newest technologies and upgrades in science, biodiesel can be easily distributed throughout the world. In fact, biodiesel is becoming one of the major sources of fuel for vehicle. This could be a solution to the whole gas price problem for it can be produced right in the comforts of your own home.

In the new report from Research and Markets, you can find the trends that are emerging when it comes to biofuel. The organization has even provided forecasts on the use and popularity of this alternative fuel source.

At present, Brazil has been found out to be the leading producer of bio-ethanol. In fact, it produces almost half of the total amount of bio-ethanol in the whole globe. The United States ranks second in the production of such a fuel. Research and Markets predicts that with the capacity and technologies that the United States has, the country is more likely to match Brazil’s production soon enough.

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