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Isuzu Shows Off More Power And More Safety

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Isuzu Shows Off More Power And More Safety

Stacey Wilson
June 22, 2006

For those people who want to own an Isuzu vehicle, there is certainly good news for all of you. This is because Isuzu Motors America, Inc. has announced very recently that for its line of 2007 model year vehicles, the prices would still remain as they had for this year. However, customers need not worry about getting old models because some Isuzu vehicles have certainly undergone upgrades and sprucing up. That would be considered quite a bonus for prices which have not changed.

If you were thinking of purchasing a 2007 model year Isuzu i-280 and Isuzu i-350 pickup trucks, then your luck has just ran out for these two vehicles would be replaced come 2007 with the Isuzu i-290 and the Isuzu i-370. These two new vehicles would be boasting of new powerful engines – the 2.9 liter engine and the 3.7 liter engine, respectively. And yes, as per the exterior color choices for such vehicles, one would find a new batch of hues. You now can find Pacific Blue in the list. However, if you loved Red Rock Metallic, and Adriatic Blue Metallic., you would not find them on the list anymore. They have been replaced by Deep Crimson Metallic, and Bering Blue Metallic, respectively.

Aside from this change in the vehicle line up, one Isuzu vehicle was lucky enough to get upgrades. The Isuzu Ascender, which is a sport utility vehicle, would be cruising down to your local dealerships bearing a new tire pressure monitoring system. This is just the first of new features for its appearance has also been the target of a new batch of improvements.

Despite all these, Isuzu still maintains that all their vehicles would still continue to bear the company’s tradition. This would be their goal to offer the automobile market with vehicles that possess characteristics like durability, warranty protection, ruggedness, as well as value for their money.

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