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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Kobalt Tools 500

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Kobalt Tools 500

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series: Kobalt Tools 500

Matt Kenseth
March 7, 2010


THE MODERATOR: Congratulations, Juan.
Joining us also is Matt Kenseth, No. 17. Second today. Matt, tell us about your run.
MATT KENSETH: Our day was really good. It was a really good, solid day for us. I thought most of the day, a couple times we got off and didn't have a very good car, made good adjustments, got it where -- I don't know, one run where maybe it was a second- or third-place car. Most of the time we were a third- to a fifth-place car.
We really good pit stops, good adjustments. Got lucky. Got a couple good restarts at the end, and slid into second. Overall I thought we had a good car, top-five car. The guys had a lot of fun. We were real competitive, so it was a good time.

Q. Matt, obviously there was a situation on the track where Carl and Keselowski got together. In your mind, is there an actual line you can draw and say there's a time when driver aggression goes too far? Does NASCAR need to dial back on the statement that 'gloves are off'?
MATT KENSETH: Well, I mean, for my disclaimer, I don't really know what happened today except for my own car. I think every situation is different. I think you're going to -- there's a lot of -- all the rules are pretty well-defined, but there's still going to be balls and strikes calls.
I'm not commenting on the situation just in general. You can't just have people, you know, go nuts, get people hurt, all that kind of stuff at 200 miles an hour.
I don't know what all went on. But I think NASCAR usually is pretty objective when they look at that.

Q. Matt, I'm aware of how much y'all want to put on a great show for the fans. This 'green-white-checkered' to the Nth degree, I mean, it just seems kind of ridiculous. Looks like the best drivers in the world can't drive a lap. Don't you think this is a bit much?
MATT KENSETH: You're not going to get me on this one. Maybe the next guy that comes in (laughter).
It's definitely crazy at the end. Every track is a little different. Here with the big discrepancy in tires, even two tires, the car is a lot different than it is on four tires. You know, obviously it's really slick.
I would have bet just about everything we were going to have a wreck on the first 'green-white-checkered'. You know, I was just hoping that we weren't going to be in it. Sure enough, there was. When you have cars leading all day like Kurt, guys running in the top four or five all day, they're going to restart 10th, five of the guys in front of them are disadvantaged on tires by a second, you got a really wide racetrack with a lot of grooves, they're giving you two laps to get your spot back, I raced 498 miles to get up to third, then I'm restarting 10th, you know, what do you think is going to happen? Everybody is just going to go crazy and try to get their spot.
You could kind of see it coming.

Q. Matt, three strong outings with your new crew chief Todd Parrott. Your thoughts on how that is going?
MATT KENSETH: Honestly, the season couldn't have started any better for us. I said that last week, too. It sounds silly since we won the first couple races last year. It's been really good. The last three weeks have been a lot of fun. We've been learning a lot. Our cars have been faster. We've been able to make some adjustments. The pit crew has been on the money.
It's been fun. Cool get to get off to this good of a start, be as competitive as we were last week. This is as competitive as we've been at Atlanta in quite a while, probably since they went to this car at Atlanta. We haven't ran particularly well with it. So this is by as far the best we ran.
We got out there and finished second, but we had a good top-five car all day. Feels good to go to four different racetracks and be pretty competitive at all of them. It feels good.
THE MODERATOR: Matt, thank you.

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