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Special News Report: Fox News and NBC News: "With all the soaring gas prices, will the USA be paying $7 a gallon next year and the UK $15 a gallon?"

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Special News Report: Fox News and NBC News: "With all the soaring gas prices, will the USA be paying $7 a gallon next year and the UK $15 a gallon?"

Paul Fitzgerald
June 21, 2006

Gas prices are soaring high, causing drivers to look for better ways to improve fuel efficiency. What is the best way to save gas? A lot of motorists have opted for new revolutionary products; looking for alternative ways to save gas, but is the product they use more than enough of what they want? Meaning, can they save more on gas and also are the products they buy environmental-friendly? That would be a big plus since our environment is suffering from a lot of pollutants and air pollution is the most dangerous to one’s health. If you value products that are environmental–friendly, the world can be saved from pollution. You also will do a big favor on the rest of the world.

Do their products really increase their engine mileage? For motorists, this is very important.

Well, here’s a product that really stands out from the rest, an oil additive that is called, Ethos Fuel Reformulator (FR). What makes this a hot product in the market today? Well, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), every motorist or driver are advised to proceed with caution when trying to consider buying oil and gas additive based on these gas-saving claims. Some claimed that their products are the answers to their gas-saving needs, but are they really as solid as they claim to be? Some such products may damage a car’s engine or cause substantial increase in exhaust emissions based on the evaluation made by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in U.S. It was found that 95% of the 100+ gas-saving products were found to be ineffective. How could one know which product is a scam or not? Not all alternative products work, some of these products is just a scam and only a few are for real. Finding one that is validated and proven by experts is a guaranteed way to assure you that their products work. How would you know which one is? Keep and open mind, but be cautious. Check for information that supports their product that had been approved by trusted experts. Be sure there’s a solid support system from other testimonies as well…and this is where Ethos FR comes in. There are three major reasons why it’s hot in the market right now: a) your car gets immediate increase in fuel mileage which results in saving above the cost of the product b) gets better engine performance and c) reduces pollution in the environment.

Not only that. Ethos FR, have a solid support system which gives this product the perfect opportunity for you. This is a 10-year old established company with a huge earning of a hundred million dollars a year. Have a third party validation (Fox News and NBC – that verifies the efficiency and validity of the product). You also get real savings above and beyond the cost of the product. That is why China got in the boat and sailed along with the rest of those who discovered the amazing product ordering over $7 Million per month. This is China’s $5 Billion secret, so why not it be yours, too? Want to get that piece of the pie? ============================================================= Get you FREE E-Book and Learn How You can save up to 20% on your fuel costs along with the country that pays only $0.40 per gallon on gas. Find it out here, NOW ==>> http://www.ilovetosavegas.com

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