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Ford In Europe Get High Sales For Small Cars

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Ford In Europe Get High Sales For Small Cars

Chuck Smith
June 20, 2006

“Ford sales regained momentum in May, especially in key markets such as Great Britain and Italy. We expect that strong pace to continue as availability of the all new S-MAX and Galaxy extends across Europe and customers take advantage of our expanding product range.” This is the statement given by Stephen Odell, the vice president of marketing, sales and service of Ford of Europe.

Simply put, the sales for last month, May, has made quite a significant jump. The automobile manufacturer has credited such an increase to the small cars and commercial vehicles that the company is offering to the market. The increase was some eleven percent compared to the previous year. This totaled to around 157,200 units overall.

Compared to May of the previous year, 2005, there were 32,100 Ford Fiesta units sold. This was higher than fifteen per cent. As per the Ford Fusion, the sales reaped in an increase of 40 per cent to a total of 9,800 units. The Ford Fiesta and the Ford Fusion are both small cars that have been making significant sales that sure enough were reflected in the sales books of the Ford Motor Company. In fact, this increase could be attributed to the high gas prices for small cars consume only a minute amount of gas compared to gas consuming vehicles like sport utility vehicles. Aside from this, the increase could also be credited to the upgrades that both vehicles received. Late last year, both the Fusion and the Fiesta were blessed with exterior and interior upgrades that did good to the driving dynamics that both small cars offered.

Aside from these small cars, commercial vehicles also showed power in sales. The Ford Transit and Transit Connect both performed well in the market. There was also an increase of 17 per cent from last year. The company is also promising to produce a new version of the Ford Transit. In fact, this vehicle is already making names as the leading commercial vehicle nameplate in the continent.

Amidst all the good sales that these Ford vehicles are experiencing, auto parts companies like Ford Parts Online remain committed to delivering superior Ford Tempo parts and other Ford vehicle parts to customers around the globe. In fact, Ford Parts Online has already proven its reliability by providing its customer base with exemplary Ford parts and accessories.

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