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California Emission Standards Implemented In Canada

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California Emission Standards Implemented In Canada

Jay Stevens
June 20, 2006

Quebec, one of Canada’s major provinces, has just most recently announced that it will be actually imposing vehicle emission limits that are very much like those that are being followed in the USA’s sunshine state, California. This change in vehicle emissions has been reported to the public and to the press by Canadian officials. According to Automotive News, who also reported on such an announcement, Quebec would be implementing such limits on vehicle emissions because officials in this state has come to believe that these are main factors in global warming which is affecting not only the country but the rest of the globe as well.

As part of such a regulation in the Canadian province of Quebec, automakers may not actually help out in reducing emissions in the country through its production or manufacturing plants. What would be done in this province would be very much like the rules set out in California. Automakers and car manufacturers would be reducing vehicle greenhouse gas emissions through its production of vehicles. They would have to produce vehicles that are cleaner and leaner and this would help reduce such harmful emissions by around thirty percent. This would be inspected on all vehicles in Quebec starting from 2009 model year vehicles onward.

This kind of rule has already raised several eyebrows from auto makers, environmentalists, leaders, and politicians alike. In fact, some groups from the automobile industry has already set out to state that it is “a thinly veiled attempt to regulate fuel economy”. In fact, aside from this, the administration which is still running under President George Bush is also rallying against this regulation.

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