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David's Fuel Catalysts

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David's Fuel Catalysts

David Low
June 19, 2006

David's Fuel Catalysts sells the Doring Fuel Catalyst, which are fuel saving devises, on line. Are you aware that the new Lead Replacement Petrol or 'LRP' has now either - Phosphorous, Potassium or Manganese at approximately thirty parts per million to replace the lead additive and is not suitable for highway speeds? Either of these on their own are highly corrosive acids and are even worse when mixed. Added doses are required for heavy use at highway speeds or above and will cause further corrosion. There is now a problem with severe bacterial growth in all new low sulphur petrol and diesel fuels. Severe upper cylinder and diesel pump and injector wear can also be caused due to the very low lubricity of low sulphur petrol and diesel. Overseas university research and road tests have also proved that the new diesel fuels produce 10% less kilometres per litre and up to twenty times more carbon dioxide and up to 10% higher temperatures on new engines with EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and a further 5% reduction in power and economy. These problems have now been solved when our customers have fitted our Doring Tin Alloy Fuel Catalyst, which consists of a 3 mm thick steel canister containing two magnets and twelve or more specially shaped pellets of tin and other exotic metals, encased in a mild steel coil. When any fuel passes over these it produces a contact catalytic and galvanic action, which produces a molecular change in the fuel and also leaches out and adds a small quantity of tin to the fuel. This produces many considerable benefits such as: Greatly improved burning rate of the fuel as it allows oxygen to more readily combine with the fuel due to the breaking up of the long chain hydrocarbon molecules. The almost total elimination of pinging or pre-ignition which can cause severe engine damage and maintains cooler engine temperatures. A cleaner burning fuel which almost eliminates carbon deposits in combustion chamber, rings and valves and reduction of diesel knocking and greatly extended injector life. A marked increase in horsepower, torque, and fuel economy of around 15% on average. Longer valve life, no recession or sticking. Converts leaded to unleaded operation and restores compression. The elimination of bacterial and fungal growth. Five-year warranty and twelve months money back guarantee if not satisfied, lasts 1.5 million kilometres. Full test reports and testimonials can be sent upon request. World wide proven technology for 60 years. These fuel saving devises are available on www.davidsfuelcatalysts. com

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