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Open Wheel Racing


Spring 1983

Doug Walmisley, Kraco
(213) 639-0666
(800) 421-1910


Hank Ives
Racing Publicity
(714) 997-0824

1983 Racing Season

COMPTON, Cal. - If enthusiasm and total commitment are the ingredients needed for a successful Indy-car program, the Kraco team is proceeding down the right path.

Before the 1982 CART/PPG campaign started, Kraco Board Chairman Maurice Kraines said: "At the end of the season we'll sit down and see how much we've learned and where to go next."

The evaluation produced the following results:

*** 1.  The signing of Mike Mosley, a five-time winner in Indy-car competition, to a full season for 1983.

*** 2.  The purchase of two brand new March 83Cs.  Actually Kraco received delivery of the very first 83C from the England-based March factory.

*** 3.  Participation in the prestigious Goodyear tire-testing project.

*** 4.  A full off-season of testing under the direction of veteran master mechanic Haff Haffenden and his crew, who are now into the second full racing season together with the Kraco organization.

*** 5.  A full-blown 13 Indy-car program for 1983

*** 6.  Completion of a brand new 7,000-square foot test facility with state-of-the-art mechanical machinery with which to prepare the racing machines.

"We are definitely optimistic acout our progress since the close of last season," said Kraines.  "Our testing program has gone extremely well.  We know the new Marches will be competitive.  We know we have a first-class driver in Mike Mosley and we have an outstanding crew headed by Haff Haffenden.

Early testing results both at Indianapolis and Phoenix found Mosley hitting speeds right at the 200 mph level in the new March 83C.  The car is built around a similarly shaped tub as the 82 model, but with raised skirts and altered wing location per the new CART regulations.

An added plus to the Kraco program thus far was an invitation from Goodyear to participate in at least one prestigious tire-testing activity, an invitation which is shared by a very limited number of teams.

KRACO ENTERPRISES, INC., 505 East Euclid Avenue/Compton, CA 90224

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