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Washington Times-Herald
December 24, 1922

All Members of District Division A. A. A. Benefit by Plan, Says Secretary

Free emergency road service by expert mechanics is available to all members of the district division, A. A. A., twenty-four hours a day, according to a statement by C. H. Hites, secretary of the local A. A. A. club.

"This emergency road service is not properly understood," said Mr. Hites yesterday. "It means exactly what it says; we either start the member's car on the road or tow it to a place of safety, and our work is done by first-class mechanics, under the supervision of bonded garages." He continued:

The service here is conducted along similar lines to that of Chicago, St. Louis and other large cities. If a club member is unable to start his car on the road for any cause, all that is necessary is that he telephone to A. A. A. headquarters, describing his location and giving the number of his license tag, in order that our mechanics may locate him. We have under contract three first-class garages and the one nearest the member in trouble is called. If the car can be started, this is done, and if it is wrecked in such a manner that it cannot be started, the car is towed to that garage without cost to the member.

There is no obligation attached to this service, as it is paid for by the A. A. A. If the member wants his own service station to work on his car, after it is towed in, he is at liberty to have it moved to that garage. If the member wants his repair work done at the garage which tows him in, that garage is under bond to do the job with expert mechanics only, and at a fair price.

We even supply gasoline to a member stranded on the road, the member paying for the gasoline, but getting the service free. One gallon is the limit supplied to such member, this being sufficient to get him to his filling station. We do not make tire repairs, but will change a tire, provided the member has a spare in proper condition.

The local division of the A. A. A. is operated as a separate club, all its affairs being in charge of an advisory board of Washington men, Dr. F. V. Coville, chief botanist of the Department of Agriculture, being chairman.

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