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American Government Special Collections Reference Desk


Washington Times
December 25, 1922 Home Edition

Several Crashes of Automobiles Are Responsible for Hospital Cases.

"Merry Christmas" for quite a few Washingtonians is more or less of a hollow phrase, as the result of a number of traffic accidents in the past twenty-four hours entailing painful injuries.

Frederick M. Cramer, of 432 M street, was driving his automobile south on Fifth street when, at the intersection of N street, he was struck, according to the police, by a machine owned by John Grimes, 1248 Six-and-a-half street, and operated by Robert Clay, 612 N street.  Grimes' car was hurled to the sidewalk, knocking down a tree.  Benjamin Cramer, aged 40, of 632 M street, was cut and bruised, but refused hospital treatment.

Miss Edna Mazzople, address unknown, is at Emergency Hospital, suffering from a broken shoulder, received during an accident on the Alexandria pike Saturday night.  The machine in which she was riding collided with another traveling in the opposite direction.  She was brought to Washington in a passing car.

When the automobile of Walter Brown, jr., 2711 Connecticut avenue, collided with a truck of which Peter Allen, 24 years old, of 524 C street southeast, was an occupant, Allen was bruised about the head.

Hit Leaving Car.

Stepping from a street car at Fourteenth and Clifton streets at 2:30 a. m., today, Mrs. Ethel Mawrer, ager 38, of Clifton terrace, ws struck and knocked down, the police say, by a machine operated by Thomas C. Smith, 304 C street.  She was taken to Garfield Hospital in Smith's car and treated for a broken shoulder and lacerations of the scalp.  Smith was charged with assault by police of the Tenth precinct.

During an emergency run last night, the automobile of No. 2 precinct was struck at Sixth and N streets by a machine operated by Albert Jenkins, 1848 Eighth street.  Jenkins was slightly hurt on the left hand.  He refused hospital treatment.

John Carroll, colored, aged eighteen of 1234 Half street southeast, was struck by a car driven by Henry Griffith, 1826 Sixteenth street, on M street southeast between South Capitol and First streets and bruised about the body.  He was treated at Casualty Hospital.

Foot Bones Broken.

George Phillips, 931 Pennsylvania avenue, was struck by a machine operated, the police say, by Allison Humphries, 1434 Corcoran street, and was taken to Emergency Hospital, suffering from broken bones in his left foot.

James Stewart, colored, of 1267 Third street southwest, was knocked down at Connecticut avenue and S street by an auto driven by Alfred H. Koch, 403 Clifton terrace west, and was treated at Emergency Hospital for bruises.

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