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How To Choose A Suitable Dog Seat Cover For Your Car

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How To Choose A Suitable Dog Seat Cover For Your Car

Taylor Fox
June 15, 2006

Dog seat covers come in many styles to fit different types of automobiles, and have different designs to suit your personal tastes and of course, to meet your beloved dog's safety needs.

Usually, the dog seat covers are made for the rear seats of the cars. There are dog seat covers that are designed to fit bench seats, buckle seats and some are even designed like hammocks. Most of the dog seat covers for automobiles can be easily installed because they are designed specifically to fit the car seats.

These dog seat covers are like mats over the seats over which the dogs can rest. Some of the dog seat covers can fit over the seats whether they are buckle seats or bench seats. With the use of straps, strips or elastic bands with hooks, the dog seat covers can be attached to the seat and provide good travel safety for your dog.

Interestingly, the hammock style offers the best protection for your dog and car. The hammock style dog seat cover fits between 2 rows of seats, protecting the seats which your dog is sitting on and the backs of the seats in front of him. In fact, another advantage of the hammock style dog seat cover is that it keeps your dog from falling on the floorboard and hurting itself. This creates a protected "valley" of space for your dog.

Another benefit of the hammock style seat covers (especially the good ones) is that it has zippers down the middle to allow a passenger to ride with the dog at the back. And the hammock style dog seat cover usually has extra pouches for you to store your dog's water, treats and leashes.

The type of fabric used for dog seat covers is another important factor to consider. Durability of the dog seat cover is a serious matter because inferior parts can tear or become too grimy and smelly for you to keep using them. Good quality durable fabrics are able to provide more years of protection from stains, dirt, scratches and your dog hair and they are well worth your money as compared to cheap and low-quality dog seat covers. Very often, the cheap and low-quality dog seat covers do not last very long and you have to keep buying replacements, which means you actually spend more money in the long run instead.

The dog car seat covers are available in a wide variety of materials such as synthetic vinyl, neoprene, rubber, etc. It's important to note that the material must be able to provide a good grip for your dog to prevent it from slipping onto the floorboards and causing unnecessary injury to your dog. Another factor to consider is whether the material is easy to machine wash and if it will dry easily. Please remember to wash your dog seat covers regularly, as this will provide good hygiene to both your dog and the people traveling in the car.

Copyright 2006 Taylor Fox

About The Author

Taylor Fox is the owner of the "Seat Covers for Dogs" site. Find all the tips and advice for seat covers for dogs at


Seat Covers for Dogs is the sister site of Custom Sheep Skin Seat Covers.

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