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Your Car Is Not A Portable Storage Space

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Your Car Is Not A Portable Storage Space

Kimberly Meyer
June 14, 2006

Your car is one of the most important properties that could come into your life. It is not only very useful when you need to go to some place that is quite far from your home. Your car also saves you from having to go through all the effort that a commuter would have to suffer through to get to a place he chooses to go to. However, your car could also become a portable storage space. Even as you are reading this, you might not yet know it but your car is already filled with various things that you may not need at all.

It is important that you do keep your vehicle clean and very much organized. Remember, if your car is loaded with various things, it actually uses up much gas because of the excess weight. So, if there are things in there that you do not need, do not hesitate to take them out and bring them right where they belong – right inside your house.

You can go through your car and its trunk as well. Get everything out. Then, sort everything out. Of course, if you see garbage, throw it away. If you have empty water bottles or coffee cups you might have stashed in your car in a hurry and have forgotten about them, then it is now time to bring them back to your kitchen. Also, see about all the other things you might find inside your car. You may find tools, maintenance supplies, CDs, manuals, maps, some shoes, and your children’s school stuff among other things. Sort them out and see which ones you could do without in your car.

To make sure your car is organized, you can put in organizers inside. Maybe a CD rack for cars could do the trick in keeping all your CDs and tapes organized. You can also put in a trash bin in your back seat. You can also put a box inside your car’s trunk to stash your maintenance supplies and other important things you may need for your car.

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