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NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series: Ford 200

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Ford 200

NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series: Ford 200

Brian Scott
November 14, 2008


MODERATOR: Now we are also joined by Brian Scott who finished second tonight.
This was your second-highest finish. You finished fourth last week at Phoenix. Tell us about your night.
BRIAN SCOTT: We had a real interesting night, a lot of fun. This truck is the same truck we ran at Texas and it just doesn't have a lot of speed qualifying. It's a real big down-force truck and when you come to these mile-and-a-halfs, that drag ends up hurting us when we're by ourselves taped up.
It runs really good in traffic, though. Just from practice yesterday, if there was a truck, a straightaway away, just a little disturbance in the air, we'd pick up two and a half tenths.
I remember it raced really well at Texas. I knew we were going to have a good truck when the green flag fell. When it fell, we were a little bit different than in practice, but after a long qualifying run, we were really good.
Jeff Hensley kept coming on my radio telling me I was running ten faster than the leader. And, you know, at that point I knew if we just kept up with adjustments, got our truck a little better and stayed with the good guys, you know, got a little track position, we could be there at the end and we could have a shot for him.
Sure enough, as laps started winding down, we kind of started creeping our way up and there was the restart before the last one, I'm leading it, and that's the first time I've done a restart -- I mean, as a driver you know what you're trying to do. You're trying to get the gas pedal down without spinning the tires, but you've got to be right on that edge, especially with people like Todd Bodine or Ron Hornaday or Kyle Busch behind you. They're going to get everything they can get.
You know, I pushed it a little hard and spun the tires, but I knew going into one from what my spotter was saying that I had like three truck lengths, so I opted to take the high line side and have momentum coming out and I didn't expect him to pull up beside me and be drag racing down the back stretch. He had a better run through that corner than me obviously, and when we got to three, Todd drove in there until he cleared me.
Win, lose or draw, he was going for the win. I can't blame him for it. I would have done the same.

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