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Ford Reflex, Bagging Awards For Top In Design

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Ford Reflex, Bagging Awards For Top In Design

Jay Stevens
June 13, 2006

This is another feather in the Ford Motor Company’s cap. This is yet another trophy and medal in the company’s collection of honor and recognition in the vehicles that they have created. This is because the Ford Reflex has just received the honor of being named Specialty Concept Vehicle of the Year and Most Significant Concept Vehicle of the Year. These were given by the South East Automotive Media Organization (SEAMO).

SEAMO recognizes concept vehicles which have certainly created a strong impact in the automotive world. This means that the concept vehicle should be something revolutionary when it comes to areas like engineering, market responsiveness, as well as automotive design. And these are parts of the criteria for the honors that the organization awards. SEAMO keep in mind to include and give out additional points to those concept vehicles that seem to hold the capacity to shape and change the future of the whole automobile industry.

Referring to the Ford Reflex, Tom Kelly, SEAMO’s executive director, exclaims, “This is the first concept vehicle in the five-year history of the program to be unanimously chosen as a top three pick by every member of the jury.”

However, on the end of the Ford Motor Company, Patrick Schiavone, the design director for Ford trucks, states, “The Ford Reflex is just plain good looking and I think that’s what got people’s attention.” Schiavone was also the one who accepted the award during the SEAMO awarding ceremonies in behalf of everybody else behind the Ford Reflex concept vehicle. He even adds that perhaps the company would be considering running the Ford Reflex straight into production so that people could be able to own this vehicle themselves. Schiavone states, “I certainly hope so. I really do believe that small is big and we want to work on something that’s very exciting in the B car segment in North America and I’d love to see something like this go into production.”

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