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What you need to get an Auto Insurance Quote

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What you need to get an Auto Insurance Quote

Isabella Rodrigues
June 13, 2006

Auto Quotes is a full featured PC based electronic catalog for food service equipment and supplies complete with brilliant, full color images and detailed spec sheets. Auto quotes automates the quoting and purchasing process and replaces the need for printed catalogs and price lists.

How to apply for an auto quote?

• You can approach a car dealer for auto quotes and make a deal • Another way to get quotes for your car is to go online and check out for hundreds of dealers who offer virtual tours of their showroom.

Requirements to obtain an Auto quote

1) Driver information

• Age, address occupation, gender, and marital status. • Driver's license information. • Driving history for the past five years (violations, and accidents). • All auto insurance claims from the past five years. • Housing information (whether you rent or own). • Number of drivers of that car. • Credit profile.

2) Vehicle information

• Your vehicle's make, model, and series. • All anti-theft and/or safety devices on the vehicle. • The vehicle is owned or on leased. • Vehicle registration information and VIN.

3) Vehicle usage information

• The vehicle's primary use (business, home etc.) • Weekly and annual mileage. • Whether the vehicle is used for any commercial purposes.

4) Information about coverage amounts.

• Levels of coverage for liability, and medical payments insurance. • Desired coverage levels. • Details of your current (or last previous) auto insurance policy/policies.

Tips that can help

When you are shopping for different auto quotes, do your homework first. There are number of lenders who offer auto quote rates. It would be advisable that you compare the quotes from different lenders and select the one which best suits you. It is in your best interest to offer information about cheap auto insurance quote, online car insurance quote, and an auto insurance company for consumers.

Isabella Rodrigues writes for newyorkcarinsurance.info, offering the latest information on Car Insurance, visit them today for more best Auto Insurance Services.

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