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Take Those Bugs Off

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Take Those Bugs Off

Jason Moore
June 8, 2006

What could spoil your day while doing a leisurely drive to any destination like the park, the beach, or the woods?

Count out any kind of engine trouble, electrical failure, or mechanical breakdown. Now, what have you got? Bugs.

Bugs could also be flying through the various places that you may be driving through. And as you speed by, they could get splashed, slapped, and spattered on your car’s windshield, and on the rest of your car’s exterior as well. Just imagine it and sure enough it would be bringing shivers up your spine and goosebumps forming on your skin. After all the care and protection you give your car so that it would shine, it seems like bugs would be the only one to mar the wonderful shine that your car has.

So what do you do to take them off? Just simply get some hot water. Around a quart of that would do and add in around three tablespoons of household cleaner. If you are thinking that this kind of mixture could and would hurt your car’s exterior, then you can opt to use this alternative: a mixture of baking soda and water. Mix the ingredients together.

When it is ready, start wiping and scrubbing. Do the headlights, bumpers, and windows by using a soft cloth so as to be able to reduce the chances of getting scratches. Or, if you want, you can opt to use a plastic mesh bag or a sponge covered in mesh. It can be roughly just right to take those bugs off but you would not have to worry for they would not be scratching your car’s glass. Now, if you see that the residue that the bugs have left is quite sticky, this is when you try using a degreaser.

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