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Firestone Indy Lights: Sunbelt Rentals 100

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Firestone Indy Lights: Sunbelt Rentals 100

Ana Beatriz
July 12, 2008


THE MODERATOR: Guys, we appreciate your time. Thank you very much.
We're joined by our race winner Ana Beatriz. She is the first female to record a victory in the Firestone Indy Lights Series. She is one of five women that have participated in the series since the series was started back in 2002. For Ana, her previous best finish this season was third, and that was on three different occasions. This is the 25th win for Sam Schmidt Motorsports, including its third this season.
Ana, if you would, tell us about your run out there today.
ANA BEATRIZ: Well, we had the rain in the afternoon that surprised everybody. So then track was green again. The beginning, I wanted to make sure that the car would be fine, and it was okay. But I got passed by two cars.
On the restart, Simmons made a contact with Hildebrand. I was able to pass them both. My teammate, James, he was far away. The car was really, really good. I was able to catch him and pass him.
I just can't be more thankful for Healthy Choice, Sam Schmidt Motorsports, and my managers for bring me to the U.S. For sure my family, all my investors, that believe I would have a great career in America.
THE MODERATOR: Did you think you could win this quickly in the series?
ANA BEATRIZ: I thought I would in St. Pete (laughter). You know, it's hard work. I am in the best team. Sam Schmidt teach me everything about ovals. I won my first race in ovals. Amazing.
THE MODERATOR: Questions for Ana.

Q. Ana, you've been concentrating on trying to get into Victory Lane. The fact you made a little bit of history, first woman to win in this series, how does that feel?
ANA BEATRIZ: I haven't think about it. I'm really, really happy to win as a driver, a driver that came from Brazil and is a rookie in the series. I'm really happy to be a winner as a driver, no matter of the gender.

Q. Ready to move up into IndyCars?
ANA BEATRIZ: I have a great manager. You can ask him whatever you want.

Q. You dropped back a little bit at the beginning. Was it hard to pass?
ANA BEATRIZ: Yeah, the track was green. I had a lot of understeer in the beginning as well. I was just trying to do something in my car to help it. I was just getting momentum and was able to pass, you know. I think our car was the best one today, and we did it. In the beginning, it was a little bit slower, but we could fix it.

Q. Talk about when you took the lead.
ANA BEATRIZ: I think I was 2 or 3/10ths faster than James Davison, my teammate. But I knew it would be really hard to pass. I tried one time, got wash out. I was planning on being deliberate to really get good exits, try to pass him. One time I did it, was perfect, I could pass him and pull away from him.
THE MODERATOR: Do you know how to play the guitar or do we need lessons?
ANA BEATRIZ: I think I just can do this (playing).
THE MODERATOR: Well done. Thank you.

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