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Auto Bond Bill Is Offered On Senate Floor

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American Government

Auto Bond Bill Is Offered On Senate Floor

Washington Times
December 28, 1922 Late Financial Edition


Drastic Measure Introduced "On Request" by Senator Ball.

A new code regulating the operation of automobiles in the District is provided in a bill introduced in the Senate today by Senator Ball, chairman of the Senate District Committee.

Senator Ball introduced the bill by request and has not yet indicated whether he will support it. It requires all automobile drivers to be bonded and insured, so as to provide for the compensation of all persons who may be injured by reckless drivers.

Revokes Licenses.

The measure directs the District Commissioners to revoke the automobile licenses of all persons who have been convicted of a felony within two years previous to the passage of the law. It makes driving an automobile while in an intoxicated condition a misdemeanor. Strict penalties are provided for drivers who injure another motor vehicle and refuse to stop or to give automobile license number or address.

Other sections revise the present traffic code.

$3,000 Bonds.

Owners of motor vehicles are required to be bonded with a responsible surety company, authorized to do business in the District of Columbia, to the extent of $3,000 for a motor vehicle operated by the owner; $2,000 for the protection of persons injured and for the protection of dependents of persons killed through the reckless, dangerous, or negligent operation of motor vehicles; likewise, in the sum of $1,000, covering damage to property of others for the same cause.

The bill says that "in each and every instance the United States of America shall be named as the obligee to such bond."\

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