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American Government Special Collections Reference Desk


Washington Times
December 28, 1922 Late Financial Edition

Woman, Aged 60, Hit by Auto, Suffers Possible Skull Fracture.

Several persons in the District suffered injuries in traffic accidents yesterday.

Emma Lande, sixty years old, 1210 N street northwest, is suffering from a possible fracture of the skull and cuts about the scalp and thigh, as a result of having been knocked down last night by an autotruck at Twelfth and L streets northwest. She is at Emergency Hospital, where it was said her condition is serious.

Margaret Reagan, twenty-seven years old, 763 Quebec street northwest, and James Lloyd, twenty-four years old, 914 East Capitol street, were slightly injured when they were knocked down by an automobile at Ninth and F streets northwest. Police say that F. S. Ragile, of the House office building, was operating the car.

Miss Elizabeth Klotz, of the Government Hotel, and Miss Amelia Cochrane, 144 A street northeast, were slightly injured when they were struck by an automobile at Delaware avenue E street northwest. Both were bruised about the body.

Thomas Montgomery, 54 C street northwest, was bruised and shocked when his automobile early this morning hit an iron girder of the railroad bridge at Fourteenth and Water streets. His car was badly damaged. He is being treated at Emergency Hospital.

Mrs. Humphrey Howell, 407 M street northeast, was injured about the head when the automobile in which she was riding collided with another car at M and Sixth streets northeast.

J. W. Mann, twenty-seven years old, 1723 East Capitol street, was cut about the scalp when he was struck by an automobile at Fourteenth and East Capitol streets. He was treated at Casualty Hospital.

Ella Solder, twenty-nine years old, 1018 Fourteenth street northwest, suffered a fracture of the right arm and a badly lacerated scalp when she was knocked down by an automobile. The operator of the machine did not stop his automobile. She was removed to Emergency Hospital.

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