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Ethanol Is In As Alternative Fuel For Ford

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Topics:  Ford Motor Company, Ethanol

Ethanol Is In As Alternative Fuel For Ford

Jay Stevens
June 6, 2006

The Ford Motor Company is currently exerting much effort in promoting ethanol as a new source of alternative fuel. They are currently the leader in bringing back and keeping ethanol as a fuel source. This may be part of their whole values and history for going back in time, Henry Ford, the founder of this huge automobile company, had built a quadricycle that used ethanol as its source of power.

Ethanol is indeed one of the more rational sources of fuel for it is very much renewable compared to gas. In fact, studies have it that this fuel source could be taking the lead one day in the race for the top source of fuel. Primarily, this is because ethanol could be derived from virtually limitless feedstocks which could be replaced after harvest. On the other hand, petroleum or gas sources could get depleted. With this, Ford is planning on being the leader in this huge race and is planning on crafting around 2 million vehicles that could work with ethanol.

As per its effects on the environment? Brian Rippon, the policy manager of Ford Government Affairs’ Global Public Policy team, claims, “It can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions because the process of making it recaptures carbon. No other currently available vehicle technology or alternative fuel – including hybrids and natural gas – provides those benefits.” Ford vice president of Environmental and Safety Engineering Sue Cischke also adds, “Our FFVs are capable of operating on up to 85 percent ethanol (E85), or gasoline, or any mixture in between. And all of our gasoline-powered engines are designed to operate on 10 percent ethanol or E10.”

Aside from the already mentioned benefits that the environment and motorists would be receiving by using ethanol as a power source, ethanol also costs much less compared to gasoline. However, one of the main challenges for Ford today is that there is essentially a lack factories or infrastructures that would be able to produce more and more supply of this fuel. However, they seem to have already found an answer to that problem. According to Tom Brewer, the president of Ford Thailand, “Ford has every ambition to put more ethanol vehicles onto the congested roads of Bangkok and every other major city across the kingdom. Ford has the technology and the products to respond today. we’re ready if the Thai consumer and Thai government are ready to support it.”

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