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Decorating Your Wheels With Hubcaps

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Decorating Your Wheels With Hubcaps

Terry Brown
June 6, 2006

Putting hubcaps on a car’s wheels is one of the easiest and most popular ways of customizing or sprucing up a vehicle. Indeed, hubcaps have been one of the most popular and most sought-after items in auto parts stores. Aside from this, companies who create hubcaps have made sure that their customer base would be having a wide range of choices for the designs of hubcaps.

A hubcap is also known as a wheel cover and also as a wheel trim. It is a disk that holds decorations and it is also found on your car’s wheels. That is, if you choose to have hubcaps installed on your wheels. Hubcaps cover at least the center part of your wheels.

There are hubcaps that function as full wheel covers and it what it specifically does is it covers the entire wheel. This is often used on cars whose wheels are stamped steel wheels. On the other hand, there are also cars with alloy wheels or those who have styled steel wheels. In this case, the hubcaps used here are much smaller and are often dubbed as center caps for they just cover the center portion of the wheel.

If you have hubcaps already on your car and some have simply fallen off, you can do the installing of new ones yourself. Try looking at your car’s wheels first and see how the hubcaps are attached. You see, there are some that are simply screwed on. There are also hubcaps that you pop on or pop off the wheel. Others are held on to the wheel of your car with the use of lug nuts. In this case of lug nuts on hubcaps, you of course would have to remove the lug nuts before you actually can remove the hubcap. By knowing such, you would be able to know just how you can install new ones.

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