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NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series: Ford 200

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Stock Car Racing Topics:  Ford 200

NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series: Ford 200

Rick Crawford
November 16, 2007


THE MODERATOR: We're going to continue with our post-race press conferences for the Ford 200, and we bring in our third place finisher in tonight's race, and that is Rick Crawford. Rick drives the #14 Power Stroke Diesel International Ford. Rick, tell us about your run out there tonight and how you thought the race unfolded.
RICK CRAWFORD: It started out a little difficult. We started 23rd on the field, and we stayed hovering back there around 20th for -- even after the first pit stop. I think that was the call of the race was pit on the first caution, 15 laps left in the race. That extended our fuel mileage to when the next guys had to sit on the green.
Pitting the second time under the next caution we caught a lot of guys, two laps down, that had really been in the hunt all night. Track position is everything. We found a groove for the Ford Power Stroke Diesel International to run good in, and that engine under the hood did its job and carried us to a third place finish.
Great call by Kevin "Cowboy" Starland on the pit box, good job by the Circle Bar crew in the pits, and I've had a lot of fun in 2007.

Q. Those final laps, the green-white checkered, what were you thinking? I asked this of Kyle Busch, but did you think he had a chance there?
RICK CRAWFORD: What did he say?

Q. He didn't like the caution.
RICK CRAWFORD: No, he possibly had the race won had it not been for the caution. For me the first thing I think about is who's behind me, and that's Kevin Harvick, and we all know how he runs with a restart going on. So that was a concern. So I had a good start. Me and Johnny did get a good start. Me and Johnny was able to get on the inside of Kyle.
In my mind as a racer it ain't over until the checkered flag falls. So I didn't think I was out of it until I seen the checkered flag, and there was Kyle up on the outside wall, Johnny wasn't in the race, and at any minute the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race things can change. Johnny could have hit Kyle and 14 Truck could have won the race and won races for six straight years in a row, but we didn't. But I can go ahead and guarantee it now, the 14 Truck will be in victory lane next year.

Q. Were you surprised by that caution?
RICK CRAWFORD: No, NASCAR don't surprise me throwing cautions anymore.

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