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The Motor Digest

American Government Special Collections Reference Desk

The Motor Digest

Washington Times
December 30, 1922

Automotive Activities Throughout the World.

Care of Wheels.

Wheels should be removed for inspection once or twice a season, new washers replacing the old ones if necessary.

Municipal Motor Cars.

A fleet of 328 motor vehicles is maintained by the city of Philadelphia, Pa.

Chauffeurs in the Philippines.

There are nearly 17,000 licensed drivers of motor vehicles in the Philippines.

Automobile Preparedness.

Among the unique passenger automobiles exhibited in Paris is a car equipped with tractor wheels for traveling through snow and sand.

Huge Wooden Speedway.

To build Kansas City's (Mo.) motor speedway, or "wooden bowl," 175 carloads of Southern pine lumber and seventy-five tons of nails were required.

Many Motors in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania has more registered motor vehicles than all the New England States, and more than Great Britain, Ireland and France combined.

Sweden Taxes Cars by Weight.

A new automobile tax is to be imposed on motorists in Sweden.  Cars are to be taxed according to their weight.  This also applies to the weight of tires.

A New French Automobile.

Automobile engineers in France are planning the construction of a 10-horsepower car with the speed and endurance of the 30-horsepower car of a few years ago.

For Better Highways.

New York State has established a fine of $50 or a month in jail as the minimum penalty for the first offense in using overloaded trucks on the public highway.

Motor Popularity vs. Good Roads.

From 1910 to 1922 the number of motor vehicles in the United States increased 2,000 per cent, and the increase in funds for road-building was only 400 per cent.

American Automotive Stores.

Throughout the United States there are 81,000 stores for the distribution of automotive products.  This is exceeded only by the sale of food products, cared for by 195,00 retail grocery stores.

Care of Differential.

A noisy differential may need lubrication, or even a heavier oil.  If this does not remedy the trouble have the wear taken up at a service station.

Aid for Slippery Fan Belt.

A fan belt that has become so saturated with oil and grease as to impair its efficiency should be thoroughly washed in soap and water, or treated with a belt dressing.

To Eliminate Noises.

Bothersome rattles may be quickly overcome by inserting pieces of rubber between the two vibrating and chafing surfaces.  An old inner tube can be used for this purpose.


Don't be sparing with oil anywhere.
Don't use cheap oil; it is costly in the end.
Don't run on a flat tire; it will destroy casing, tube, and rim.
Don't keep running when you know your engine is excessively hot.
Don't fail to water the battery once a week; the battery is not a full-fledged camel.
Don't go unprepared in the way of tires or tire repair equipment.
Don't try to economize by going without a spare tire or tube—it will save time and money in the end to be prepared.

Water for the Radiator.

Never put hot water in a cold radiator or cold water in a hot radiator.  Sudden expansion or contraction causes leaks.

Handle Spark Plugs Carefully.

A crack in the porcelain weakens the compression, permits leakage of the electric current and completely spoils a quick fire.

Efficient Brakes.

To keep brakes in perfect working order they should be thoroughly cleaned once a month—first with a narrow brush, then with kerosene (to loosen the grease and dirt), and finally with gasoline, to wash off the kerosene.  Allow a little time for the brakes to dry, after which distribute an application of light cylinder oil.  This will over night soak in and raise the fabric.  The polished surface will be gone, and the soft raised fabric will grip the drum tenaciously, yet softly—quietly and firmly.  Brake clevises and pins, the equalizers and all parts should be cleaned with a brush and kerosene—and oiled thoroughly.  The cleaning should be done monthly, and the connections should be oiled weekly.

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