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200 Auto Tax Dodgers Face Jail Threat

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American Government

200 Auto Tax Dodgers Face Jail Threat

Washington Times
December 29, 1922


Alexandria Charges License Secured There Under False Affadavits.

Warrants for the arrest of more than 200 Washington motorists will be asked after January 1 charging them with making false affadavits as to their residence in Alexandria, in order to obtain a Virgina automobile license, thus getting out of the payment of a Maryland license.

Many Dodge Tax.

The warrants will be asked for by City Manager W. M. Rich, of Alexander, Va., who has just completed a round-up of Alexandria "license-dodgers" and whose records show that between two and four hundred licenses have been granted to people purporting to live in Alexandria, but who have no residence there.

To date more than 1,300 automobile licenses have been collected from lax autoists in Virginia, since June 1, netting $4,550 for the city. There yet remains to be collected 400 back licenses for 1922, and of this number more than half are believed to be Washington automobile owners.

The warrants, when issued, will be turned over to District police officials with a request that they be served. The warrant, in each instance, will charge the evasion of taxes by making false affadavit as to place of residence.

Promises Prosecution.

District motorists are being warned if they pursue the same practice of getting Virginia licenses in 1923, by making false affadavits, that they will be prosecuted vigorously.

"On checking up our records we find that a great many District of Columbia motorists secured Virginia licenses, giving Alexandria as their place of residence. The law states that persons living in Alexandria must secure an Alexandria city license, as well as a State license," Mr. Rich said.

"By getting a Virginia license, District of Columbia autoists do not have to get a District or Maryland license, thus getting out of paying those taxes, which are higher than in Virginia, and at the same time they did not comply with the law by getting an Alexandria corporation automobile license.

"They cannot swear Alexandria as their place of abode, and get out of paying Maryland and District taxes and at the same time not pay an Alexandria tax," is the ukase Rich has issued to them.

"Pay up or stay out, is a fair warning, and prosecutions will follow next year, in addition to the collection of automobile tax," he declares.

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