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Augustus J. Fertig
The Washington Herald
October 8, 1913

The Washington Automobile Dealers' Association held its annual meeting last Monday evening at the Commercial Club. The following officers were elected: T. Oliver Probey, president; Thomas W. Semms, secretary; Arthur Foraker, treasurer. The new directors are E. A. Garlock, C. J. Henderson, J. H. Miller, F. C. Sebbold, J. H. Johnson.

The dates for the Washington Automobile Show were decided on as January 19-24, following the Philadelphia show. A committee of three was appointed to wait on the automobile jobbers not belonging to the association. T. O. Probey, C. W. Semms and R. B. Emerson are the committee to induce them to co-operate and make the coming show the biggest Washington has ever seen.

A dividen dof 25 per cent was declared on the stock of the association. Capt. J. T. Rose, manager of the Washington branch of the Invador Oil Company, was elected a member of the association. After the meeting the members and newspaper men were guests of President Probey at a luncheon.

Things Ford Owners Ought to Know

As explained by Charles Miller, president of Miller Bros., local representatives of the Ford, the recently published Ford Manual contains a world of information, clear and concisely written in detail, which no Ford owner should be without. The following things are taken from the manual:

"The first thing to be done is naturally to see that a ten-gallon tank is filled with gasoline, which should be strained through chamois to prevent the possibility of water or other foreign substance obtaining access. The small vent hole in the filler cap should always be kept open so that the gasoline may flow to the carburetor. The tank may be cleared by opening the sediment bulb at the bottom.

"A supply of medium light high grade gas engine oil should be poured into the crankcase through the breather pipe, which is located just at the front of the engine. The oil should be poured until it flows freely from the upper of the two pet-cocks in the fly-wheel casing. This pet-cock should be closed as soon as the oil ceases running and under no circumstances should the oil be allowed to get under the lower cock.

"A point which should not be lost sight of and one which applies to all forms of mechanism is that the new car should receive close attention until the parts have become thoroughly adjusted to each other and are fully lubricated and working in perfect harmony. This should have taken place by the time the beginner has familiarized himself with the control and operation."

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