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Indy Pro Series: Mid-Ohio 100

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Open Wheel Racing Topics:  Mid-Ohio 100

Indy Pro Series: Mid-Ohio 100

Wade Cunningham
Stephen Simpson
July 22, 2007


THE MODERATOR: We'll get started with our second- and third-place finishers. For Wade Cunningham, his fourth second-place finish of the season, 10th top-five finish. Wade, get us started. Tell us about your day out there.
WADE CUNNINGHAM: It was a pretty tough race starting from sixth on the grid. We knew we were a lot quicker than that. But we threw ourselves under the bus in qualifying when I sped in pit lane and missed the bulk of it in the penalty box. It was a tough day to start with. We had to take some setup risks. Because we started second, we knew there were two or three quick guys in front of us.
It was a hard days racing. We only had that one caution, so two long 20-lap stints. After the first three or four laps, even if you're quicker than the guy in front of you, everything starts to even out over the long run. So it's frustrating because he's right in front of you and you're trying your hardest and you can't catch up on the guy. It was like that all day.
We were catching Alex before that first caution. Then he went out with the mechanical. That allowed us to have a shot at Richard. But, again, we just got to that same gap and couldn't do anything about it.
So I'm pleased with second. It's a good result I think from where we started. It's nice to have good results at the end of the year, good for the team. Just pleased to be finishing races now.
THE MODERATOR: Also joined by Stephen Simpson, a rookie in the Indy Pro Series. Your third top-five finish of the season.
STEPHEN SIMPSON: Yeah, I think it was a little bit uneventful actually. I had a decent start. The first two or three laps were interesting. I think Wade and Richard behind me were definitely a bit quicker. They went past me pretty easily. But then from then on, it was just a case of pacing myself. It was a long race. Like Wade said, there was only one yellow so I think well done to all the drivers in the race because obviously the driving standards were probably pretty good.
So, yeah, I mean, it was a difficult race just from the point of view of having to stay focused. I mean, I was pulling away from the guys behind me but not really making much progress on the guys ahead of me. Just tried to keep my head down and just tried to do consistent, quick lap times.

Q. Wade, how do you like this as a road course as opposed to Infineon or Watkins Glen?
WADE CUNNINGHAM: It's a great track. When I heard we were coming here, I was excited. I raced here in 2004 when I did the Formula Ford ZETEC Championship. Back then they had the concrete patches on all the apexes.
I don't think it's done much for the racing, but what it's done is made the track a little bit more consistent. Concrete seems to change more as the weekend develops. Now that they've removed that, the track's more consistent from the get-go.
THE MODERATOR: Guys, thank you very much.

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