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Indy Pro Series: Sunbelt Rentals 100

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Open Wheel Racing Topics:  Sunbelt Rentals 100

Indy Pro Series: Sunbelt Rentals 100

Robbie Pecorari
July 14, 2007


THE MODERATOR: Guys, thank you very much.
We're now joined by Robbie Pecorari. Rookie driver, rookie team. First career win in the Indy Pro Series. His previous best finish was fifth earlier this year in Iowa. Robbie, talk about your run out there today.
ROBBIE PECORARI: First off, I have to thank the team and crew. We rode off the trailer quick, not coming here testing as a bunch of other teams have. So it's definitely a great weekend from the beginning.
As the race went on, we knew we had a great car. We just held our position, got caught out at the yellow. But then again, that's racing.
THE MODERATOR: Questions for Robbie.

Q. Tell us about the restart.
ROBBIE PECORARI: The first restart, I think I believe I held my position. The second one, Wade ended up getting underneath me. It isn't a track you can race comfortably two-wide. I just figured let him go and catch back up. You know, pulled a little gap. We started a rear (indiscernible) slightly towards the end. That's when we got the yellow. It really came down to the wire.

Q. The other guys talked about the last restart, the track being difficult. Did you have any trouble with marbles?
ROBBIE PECORARI: I noticed there was some debris as the crash went on in turn three and four. So I wasn't sure if it was the marbles or something happened to the car. But, you know, towards the end, I started scrubbing the tires really well and got most of it off. I realized that the car's good, so just go for it.

Q. Did you find any difficulty having run the majority of your career on asphalt, now running on concrete? Is there a big difference?
ROBBIE PECORARI: Yeah, you know, my first oval was down in Homestead. I'm still learning and getting experience. To me, it wasn't too much of a difference. You definitely feel the bumpiness. As the track heated up, it seemed to lose grip.
But besides that, it's just another racetrack.

Q. Had you noticed what happened to Alex with his blistered tires?
ROBBIE PECORARI: No. I couldn't notice the tires. I knew he hit debris. I saw a big chunk of carbon fiber come flying out. Wasn't sure exactly what it was or if his car was damaged. Coming down pit lane, my team told me it was damaged. If we ran clean, we would have a good shot at it.

Q. (No microphone.)
ROBBIE PECORARI: If you look at the finishes from Iowa, then Watkins Glen, we started picking it up. We got a new engineer. Ever since then, it's been going a lot better.
THE MODERATOR: Robbie, thank you very much.

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