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Indy Pro Series: Iowa 100

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Open Wheel Racing Topics:  Iowa 100

Indy Pro Series: Iowa 100

Wade Cunningham
June 23, 2007


THE MODERATOR: Wade Cunningham, Auckland, New Zealand, AFS Racing, Andretti Green Racing, the pole-setter yesterday. And this is your second place of the year, you finished second at St. Petersburg. Your thoughts on today's race?
WADE CUNNINGHAM: It was really tough. We had the lead early and we came into lap traffic after the first caution. And being the first car there, you can really choose where you want to put your car. You know, I took as much advantage as I could from lapping people, and you know, I was able to build a car length of gap on Alex and at the time Sean Guthrie was in third. We had four or five cautions up until the last one, which always negated the advantage created through the traffic.
I ran as narrow as I could. We were flat-out the whole way. You know, Alex was obviously quicker than me. I would see that. You know, I used some pretty questionable tactics I think. You know, I used everything I had to keep him behind me. I knew where he wanted to drive, so I deliberately drove there and I really tried to hurt his front tires by creating understeer.
You know, he stayed there and stayed there, and I don't think there was much more I could have done other than being in the steward's office right now than sitting here.
You know, he worked hard for that pass and he had it, and I don't think I could have done anything more.

Q. After he got by you, you almost got by him.
WADE CUNNINGHAM: No, I never had a good shot of getting him. The pace jumped up a good 2/10ths of a minute when he got in the lead. I was still flat-out just hanging on. Other than a chance with lapping cars, you know, a bunch of them where he really had to slow down, I don't think I had a good shot at getting him back.

Q. Obviously the points lead expanded; your reaction with regard to your positioning there?
WADE CUNNINGHAM: Well, we know we're not going to win the championship. We had three DNS's. We've had three DNS's and something else, so we're just going race by race just trying to get good results. We have three DNS's in the last race meetings. This is our first finish in a while, or good finish. So just happy to get that and get on a roll before the next four in a row.

Q. How do you like the track?
WADE CUNNINGHAM: It was fun. I think we're over-downforced, the mandated downforcing rule from the IRL. So I think next year they should look at it.
You know, it created close racing, but I think it hindered passing in the end because everyone is running the same. And you know, Hideki alluded to it; it took him the whole race to get a third, and if you look at the time charts all weekend, he's been very quick as well. It was not easy to pass today. It took Alex, what, 102 laps to get to the lead.
It's a fun track and I would be glad to come back for sure, though.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, gentlemen.

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