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Formula 1: United States Grand Prix

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Open Wheel Racing Topics:  United States Grand Prix

Formula 1: United States Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso
June 29, 2006


THE MODERATOR: Whereas Fernando, you've never finished here. You've done nine laps since 2003, I think. Again, does that mean anything?
FERNANDO ALONSO: Been quite bad for me. Quite unlucky. I never finish this race. I never cross the line. So hopefully this time is the good one. If I can be on the podium, even better.
THE MODERATOR: You've been doing some promotional work for Michelin. What is the mood amongst the fans here?
FERNANDO ALONSO: I think the fans are really enthusiastic about this year's race after what happened last year. I think everyone is expecting a good show on Sunday. We will put a good show for them. I think, you know, after what happened last year, we all want to go on the track tomorrow and to enjoy the weekend.
THE MODERATOR: Talking about Michael being fairly anonymous here, what about yourself? Now you're a world champion. Do people come up and recognize you?
FERNANDO ALONSO: No, no, not at all. Only the Spanish people.
THE MODERATOR: There's a few of them, though.
FERNANDO ALONSO: Too many (laughter).


Q. Alonso, considering what happened last year here, are you worried about the effect that Michelin could be so worried with safety and it could interfere in the performance of the tire?
FERNANDO ALONSO: No, no. No problems. Hundred percent sure we will not have the same problem. We cannot be conservative in this part of the championship. The teams will not allow to Michelin to be conservative. We all want to win. Michelin brought here a winning tire, for sure.


Q. Fernando, is this your worst circuit of the year? The second question is about the match of Spain in the world soccer.
FERNANDO ALONSO: Indianapolis for sure will be the most difficult race in all the championship for us. The car was never competitive here. We don't know why. But, you know, we hope that this year change that. 26 has been competitive everywhere. We expect a good performance here. But we have some doubts, for sure. You know, I hope to have a good car.
Now, the soccer. Nothing to say. We are always good team. We are good in the group. Arrive the important matches, and we go home. It's okay. Like this. We don't have any more worries. We don't fight with the team, with the French mechanics or the English. We are not any more there, so we are happy concentrate only Formula One.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, gentlemen.

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