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Formula 1: United States Grand Prix

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Open Wheel Racing Topics:  United States Grand Prix

Formula 1: United States Grand Prix

Tiago Monteiro
June 29, 2006


THE MODERATOR: Here we are, the press conference about to start with Mike Schumacher, Tiago Monteiro, Juan Pablo Montoya, Scott Speed and Tiago Monteiro. Gentlemen, welcome. Doesn't seem to be very long since I last saw you.
Tiago, obviously here, great memories from last year, on the podium.
TIAGO MONTEIRO: Yeah, well, obviously very special moment for us. We all know the circumstances. But we were there, we took it, we took this opportunity. We enjoyed it as much as we could and we took advantage of it.
It was great definitely. I had a lot of fun. My team had a lot of fun. I can't thank Bridgestone, Toyota and the team for all that, can't thank them enough.
THE MODERATOR: Since then, remarkable reliability in every single race. 26 finishes out of 28 races.
TIAGO MONTEIRO: Yeah, well, it's good. Definitely it's very good reliability. We would like to have a little bit more pace, as well. But it's getting a lot better. We definitely improved since -- I remember during Barcelona, the car made a real step forward. We're getting closer and closer. We're averaging 1.8 seconds off the pole position at the moment. Definitely quicker. If we can keep this reliability and getting quicker and quicker, that's what we looking for.
To be fighting with some guys up there, we really need like between 3 and 5/10ths. We should be there soon.
THE MODERATOR: Any animosity after last weekend when the two of you came together, you and your teammate?
TIAGO MONTEIRO: Well, no. I went there and apologized. I made a mistake. I locked my rear wheels. I went straight to him and apologized. No problems. We talk. Everything is clear.
THE MODERATOR: You got your football team to knock out his football team.
TIAGO MONTEIRO: He's not happy about that, that's for sure. I think he took that part worse than the crash on track (laughter). He's a big football fan.
No, now we got the English soon, so looking forward to that as well.
THE MODERATOR: I'm sure you are.
TIAGO MONTEIRO: I have my whole team on top of you.


Q. Tiago and Juan Pablo, you both raced in Champ Cars. Do you think F1 pays enough attention to drivers racing in the US?

Q. The teams.
JUAN PABLO MONTOYA: Don't know if they pay enough attention, but they definitely should. I think there's talent over here, like anywhere else in the world. There's some great drivers in Champ Car, there's some great drivers in IRL. They should have a look, but then again there's also a lot of talent in Europe.
So I think the level of the top guys at the front is obviously for sure very similar, still as good. They should have a look. But, again, we race a lot more in Europe so I think they're a bit more concentrated in drivers around there.

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