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The Bisbee Daily Review
December 31, 1922

Time Spent on Auto Now Will Be Repaid Later on in Lasting Enjoyment

New Years is the bst time to take stock, to go over your possessions and make a budget of what you will require for the ensuing year, says Frank Thayer of Thayer's Garage. At this time it is advisable to remember the automobile. Take stock of what it is going to require for the year. Go over your tires, see that they are in good condition, having those that are not replaced or repaired, and be sure that you have at least one or two good spares.

Have your battery tested and filled, charged also, if necessary. In the event that it will not take a charge, buy a new one. Money is wasted when put in a worn out article trying to prolong its life. The wisest course is to invest your money in new articles.

There are many accessories on the market that will add to the comfort and pleasure of driving. See if your budget will allow the purchase of a few of these. The expenditure need not be great, but it can be stretched out through the year, as one's finances will permit.

Why not have the necessary work done now? Have that annoying knock eliminated, those loose bolts tightened any mechanical work required looked after, giving the car a fair showing, for power and economical use of gas and oil. A car is much like a human being, and soon becomes worn and if neglected and no care taken of it. Make a resolution this year to give your car a little more attention than it had last year, and we think the added enjoyment derived from it will more than off-set the added expense.

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