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Topics:  Arizona Good Roads Association


The Bisbee Daily Review
December 31, 1922

Preparations Under Way for Annual Meeting of State Good Roads Association

DOUGLAS, Dec. 30.—Preparations for the annual meeting of the Arizona Good Roads Association to be held at Douglas, January 15, are now under way. The sessions will be held in the dining room of the Hotel Gadsden. More than three hundred delegates are expected to attend. Already there is a great interest in the meeting which will be presided over by Gustav Becker, of Springerville, acting president of the association. Monte Mansfield of Tucson has been appointed chairman of the program committee and will appoint sub-committees to arrange calls on the officials who are to be invited to speak before the gathering. Sam G. Bailie of Casa Grande will be in charge of the work of the credentials committee, and other members of the present board of directors will have charge of other committee work.

The meeting will be called to order at 9:00 o'clock and will continue all day. A varied and interesting program is promised and some very lively discussions and debate is detected in the subjects assigned to speakers of prominence. Each county will appoint one member on each of the different committees—credentials, resolutions and nominations. Delegates to the convention are appointed on the basis of five by each county board of supervisors and each city and town Commercial organizations are entitled to name two delegates. No one is allowed to vote except by attendance in person. The association has continuously refused to accept proxies at all meetings. The present representation is as follows:

Gustav Becker, representing Apache county; J. J. Bowen, representing Cochise county; Fred Garing, representing Coconino county; L. D. Van Dyke, representing Gila county; W. W. Pace representing Graham county; J. E. Hodgson, representing Greenlee county; Dr. A. J. Chandler, representing Maricopa county; W. B. Stevens, representing Mojave county; C. E. Owens, representing Navajo county; Monte Mansfield, representing Pima county; Sam Bailie, representing Pinal county, L. W. Mix, representing Santa Cruz county; C. C. Stuckey, representing Yavapai county, and O. T. McCoon, representing Yuma county. The officers of the association are: Gustav Becker, acting president; T. G. Norris, vice-president; A. J. Chandler, treasurer, and Harry Welch, secretary.

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