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Brazilian Grand Prix future guaranteed until 2014

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Brazilian Grand Prix future guaranteed until 2014

Claudia Beckford
November 4, 2007

The Interlagos circuit in the city of Sao Paulo is the home for the very prestigious F1 Brazilian Grand Prix. It was built in 1940 but its popularity grew until the hometown boy and Formula One driver Emerson Fittipaldi got to hold its first Grand Prix - a non-championship round. In 1973 the racetrack was given full championship status and it was known as one of the longest circuits in the calendar. One year later, in 1974 Carlos Pace another Brazilian won the race and from this point forward the circuit was renamed in his honour.

During a few years between in the 1980’s the circuit was moved to Rio; but it returned to its home in 1990 after an extend review of the track. Ever since Interlagos has been the witness of incredible victories from some of the strongest racing teams in Formula One: the McLaren, Ferrari, Benetton, and many others.

Just a week ago, Brazilian sports minister Orlando Silva, Sao Paulo mayor Gilberto Kassab, and Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone agreed to keep hosting the Brazilian Grand Prix until 2014. After the negotiations, a new contract was reached by both parties involved; and it is expected to be signed within a few weeks. As part of the deal the pits and control tower would be demolished and replaced with a contemporary, state-of-the-art facility in line with the new generation of circuits springing up in the Gulf, Asia and the Pacific Rim. As well as a new 10,000-seat concrete grandstand and an expanded paddock area.

Additionally, Formula One authorities have established new ruling for the vehicles to be used by the McLaren team during next year Grand Prix events. At all locations where the races will take place there should be and will be close scrutiny to ensure McLaren does not use information obtained from Ferrari.

On the official F1 web site FIA president Max Mosley stated "We want to play fair with McLaren, but want to give the other teams and the public the guarantee that the new McLaren is not built upon Ferrari information.”

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