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The 2009 Nissan GT-R Cometh

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The 2009 Nissan GT-R Cometh

Alder Mickie
October 26, 2007

It all began as the GT-R Proto, now it's almost a reality. More and more news has trickled out and the latest bit of information is regarding individual trim levels and the actual model designation. Purportedly using a chassis designation of CBA-R35, at least initially, the new GT-R will come in three trim levels: base, Black Edition (Black Bird, anyone?) and and Premium, all using the VR38DETT engine. It will be available in five colors, Titanium Gray, Dark Metal Blue, Super Black, Vibrant Red, Ultimate Metal Silver and White Pearl—the latter two colors being premium paints will cost extra. Interior colors will be limited to black and gray. However, the Black Edition will only be available with a black interior, appropriately so. The Base model GT-R will reportedly come with chrome Rays forged wheels wrapped in Dunlop Sports tires . One of the base vehicle options includes a Tire and Wheel package; for some more cash you'll get Bridgestone Potenza tires with gunmetal Rays wheels (this option is only available on the Base as this is standard on the Black and Premium edition vehicles). Anti-Theft and Bose sound will be optional on the Base and Black edition, but standard on the Premium trim. SRS curtain airbags and side airbags will be optional on all three trims. As reported earlier this summer, length and wheelbase on the new GT-R will be 4650mm and 2800mm; that's about 183-inches and 110-inches, respectively, for the mathematically-impaired. Always known for being a wideboy, the new GT-R has an overall width of 1350mm, again 53-inches, in case you don't want to do the math. For comparison's sake, the current G35 coupe (seeing a complete redesign this fall) has an overall length of 182-inches, a width of 71-inches and a wheelbase of 112-inches. So, the GT-R is a tiny bit longer than the G coupe with less overhang. Sticking to the winning VQ family of engines, the GT-R will use a modified (forged-everything) 3.8L twin-turbo with the AWD six-speed transmission. Expect power to range from a minimum of 450 to almost 550 on the higher-end GT-R--yes, higher-end GT-R is a bit redundant. Curb weight on the 911 Turbo is around 3,500 lbs and it also produces a claimed 480 hp. That gives the German sports car a power-to-weight ratio of 7.1; we expect the GT-R will weigh in around the same as the 911. There were rumors that Nissan was testing a seven-speed, but given that Nissan is attempting to price vehicle from $60,000 to $95,000 anything goes. Again, if Nissan plans on offering carbon brakes, what's another gear in the grand scheme of things? Keep reading to see our list of top five things we're looking forward to with the new GT-R There are five things we’re looking forward to about the 2009 Nissan GT-R. Most Aggressively Styled Japanese Car to-date Yeah, it’ll change in the near future, but the GT-R is by far the closest thing to a European to ever come from across the pond. It has lines inspired and, in some cases, stolen from some of the best. We used to be deeply, madly in love with the last generation Nissan Skyline GT-R--no more. The forthcoming design makes the previous model look about as sexy as Ricky Lake in a string bikini.

Return of Godzilla This one is pretty straightforward. By the time that the GT-R is released in Japan it will have been over five years since the three-letter badge was retired. The new GT-R will share very little with the Skyline if yesteryear but it will remain a fire breathing monster nonetheless. Although the new Nissan doesn't use the RB26DETT, we don't think anyone will notice outside of the few enthusiasts who have driven previous generations of the car.

The True Sports Car Sorry Z fans, not to spite the beloved FairLady, but the GT-R will soon take its rightful place as the sports car of choice in the Nissan family. Surely the upcoming Nismo Z is intended to increase the two-seaters image just in time before its faster, meaner sibling joins the party, but it’s almost too late. Hey, if Nissan did everything right the GT-R will be able to hang with 911s. Can the Z say the same thing?

Powered by Nissan has done an excellent job of keeping pesky car paparazzi away from the heart-and-soul of the new GT-R. While a select few journalists, like our own Sam Mitani, have already driven the GT-R on Nurburgring and know what powers the almighty Nissan, they’re sworn to secrecy until all is revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show later this year.

Behind the Wheel More than anything else, more than the stares, more than the thumbs-up and roll-up racers, we just want to drive it.

Unfortunately, there are also five things we’re concerned with regarding the GT-R. Keep on reading... And for the realists in the room, here’s our short list of negatives that we expect when the 2009 Nissan GT-R hits the streets.

Asshole Drivers There’s going to be a whole lot of guys with too much money and not enough sense. We give it less than a few weeks before one of the first-available GT-R meets that big garage in the sky. Nearly 500 horsepower and dumbass-drivers don’t make a good combination.

The Interior Hey, it’s a Nissan and Carlos Ghosn is known to be a cost killer and life of the party (note: sarcasm). Don’t expect anything but squeaky plastics and lame fit-and-finish. Should this have been an Infiniti then?

MSRP The GT-R is going to be a low volume vehicle. Most of the guys who can and will buy it will only get it because of their Vienna Sausage-sized Johnsons. We’ll go buy two if the GT-R comes in under 50K, but it’s safe to say we’ll buy zero since getting a Nissan for 70K is just silly.

Dealer Mark-up They call it fair market value. We call it evil bastards who should go to hell. Be sure to send us photos when you see your first $100,000 GT-R at the local dealership.

Wrecked GT-Rs lotsa hp+bad driver=no good.

This article, compliments of GT Channel, provider of the latest tuning and Japanese sports cars auto news and professionally produced drifting videos, will have an opportunity to see the 2009 Nissan GT-R first hand a few days before Tokyo Motor Show and then again in Chiba. To view the hottest drifting and car racing videos, join the GT Channel community that gives you access to user videos, blog, group/forums, networking, galleries and other user generated content. GTChannel.com offers professionally produced drifting and car racing video features, publishes new vehicle tests, motor sports events and car comparison races as exclusive segments from a large library of the popular Best Motoring and Hot Version video series. GTChannel is a one stop location for automotive enthusiasts.

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