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Brazilian Grand Prix - Approaching to the final Challenge

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Open Wheel Racing Topics:  Brazilian Grand Prix

Brazilian Grand Prix - Approaching to the final Challenge

Claudia Beckford
October 12, 2007

As we approach to the season-ending of the World Formula One Championship, the drivers’ names of whom could win the title become more clear as to whom has the better chances to achieve such triumph. Up to this point in the competition, the Ferrari team has won the constructors’ crown after the spy scandal which involved the McLaren team accused of acquiring secret details of the technology used by the Italian motor racing team.

Last September 13th , 2007 the FIA docked all McLaren points in the F1 constructors’ championship, but the McLaren’s drivers, however, were excluded of such fault. This leaves the Briton Lewis Hamilton and the Spaniard Fernando Alonso in the first two positions of the competition along with Kimi Räikkönen and team mate Felipe Massa in the third and fourth positions accordingly.

The point-difference between Hamilton and Räikkönen is only 7 points after the lost Hamilton suffered at the Chinese Grand Prix last Sunday; as he took the chance of not changing his tires in the first stop, but unfortunately for him the rain became heavier and he had to retire from the race.

The Ferrari team has made it clear that they will take advantage of the Finn’s odds to win at the last race… "If we look at the next race, we don't have any other choice than to be aggressive,” said Ferrari sporting director Stefano Domenicali. “We need to achieve first and second and then that's it. That, for sure, will be our strategy."

For the Ferrari team the only possible black-spot could be that Bridgestone will be bringing their soft and super-soft tyres to Brazil which as we can remember the Italian team has not always been able to get the best from -- specially last season. Additionally, if Ferrari is to achieve their desired win in Brazil, Hamilton will need to finish no higher than sixth if Räikkönen is to win the title.

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