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Hamilton Preparing to win the title

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Open Wheel Racing Topics:  Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton Preparing to win the title

Audrey Nolan
September 4, 2007

Hamilton is currently leading the standings of the driver’s by five points over his team mate Fernando Alonso, during a season in which the unexpected speed and racing skills of the Briton has been to much for the Spanish driver, making him fail several times during the season.

Meanwhile Hamilton is getting some tips from the two-time World Champion Emerson Fittipaldi, so he can beat Fernando Alonso and get this year’s driver’s crown. And Fittipaldi, now head of Brazilian team in the A1GP series, believes that it will be Alonso's errors as much as Hamilton's strengths that will ultimately decide the title in the rookie's favor. "Lewis is very good, very determined, and in my opinion has the best chance of winning the Championship from anybody. Lewis is very focused and very established even though he is new. He said "Fernando is very nervous and is not concerned with going fast. He has to focus on his driving and go for it, not be complaining so much about Lewis Hamilton. He's very talented and he should be focused more on driving, and then he can get back to being more competitive again." Fittipaldi, who won his second Driver’s title with McLaren in 1974, said that he expects that his compatriot Felipe Massa pushes over all the drivers to get the 2007 crown. I'd love to see Felipe Massa win," Fittipaldi added. "Ferrari now at the next few grand prix will be strong again. He has the opportunity of his life. He has to deliver now. He won last weekend, but he has to win more races to win the championship."

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