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Various Advantages Of Chrome Plating

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Various Advantages Of Chrome Plating

Laura Lee
September 5, 2013

Chrome plating is a process where chromium metal is applied to some surface that could be metallic or plastic in nature. The chromium metal is then subjected to the outside environment to serve as a protective layer to the shielded material. Electroplating is the technique used in this process, which does not need heat whatsoever but only transferal of electrons to the new surface.

Other than being protective, the chromium layer can be decorative and serve other purposes which include; resistance to corrosion and abrasion, increase in surface hardness, serve as an aesthetic or even to offer easiness in cleaning.

Decorative chrome plating

The decorative chrome plating is meant to give an appealing look in addition to offering durability. The thickness measurement in this case ranges from 0.002 to 0.02 millimeters. In most cases the chromium plating is applied over bright nickel plating. The underlying material in this case is usually the steel, aluminum, plastic, copper alloys and zinc alloys.

Hard chrome plating

This kind of plating is also known as industrial chrome or engineered chrome. It serves to reduce friction, improve durability through abrasion resistance, and generally the wear resistance. This technology is common in industries where there are various reactions to materials and so protection for some will be necessary.

For instance, in a case where steam is given off in a manufacturing process which puts iron metals vulnerable to reaction, you will apply some chrome plating. This can generally be termed as oxidation resistance. The protective layer in this case is significantly thick so it too can last longer while protecting the inside layers.

Other than in manufacturing plants, the chrome plating is used in mobile vehicles such as ships, airplanes motor vehicles and some bicycles. This way it is applied to friction prone parts such as axles and gear systems which will tend to scrub against each other.

Since some parts are more prone to friction and abrasion than others, they can be protected by this physical layer cover to make them last longer and thus save on costs of purchasing and replacing the worn-out parts.

Chrome plating as a service.

Any plastic or object you think of as important can also be chrome plated. It does not have to be the usual items that are known for protective layers as anything can do so long as it complies with the requirement of this process.

If you have some expensive objects that you treasure, you can have them chrome plated both for decorative purpose and hard chrome plating. One good thing with chrome plating is that you can apply both of these services at one instance. Take for instance when you apply the hard chrome first followed by the decorative chrome layer.

You also can renew the coat layer if it seems worn-out and thus keep protecting the underlying material for as long as you like. The chrome plating services are open to all, including individual clients. You can take advantage of the chrome plating services to protect your personal valuables which you need in the long run.

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