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Vehicle Body Dent Repair Techniques

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Vehicle Body Dent Repair Techniques

Laura Lee
September 19, 2013

Whenever you notice a dent on your vehicle, it should not worry you as there are some basic procedures that you can take. You do not have to spend even a cent with the repair technicians so long as you know the necessary steps to take.

All you need is knowledge on what is required and have necessary materials such as ball-pen hammer, appropriate vehicle spray pigment and some filler cement for a successful exercise body repair exercise. You may not even use some of these repair tools and material if your vehicle is slightly damaged. Only severe damage will call for extensive work.

Tips on how to conduct slight dent repair services.

When you get your vehicle dented on its body, particularly light dents or marks, be sure to take close observation on the affected area. Usually the vehicle is damaged on its thick spray layer and may not even have incurred damage on the iron part. So then, you can always conduct simple repairs to it simply by shedding off the damaged zone, and reapplying the coat paint on it.

With light marks on the vehicle paint, you need to scrap off the marks and make them level with the rest of the layer. Since it will seem sunken to some extent, be sure to add on some filler material or thicker painting so the dent reclaims it initial level. Some dents are light but very distinct and will thus call for more servicing by affecting quite a significant large portion of the vehicles body paint.
At some point your vehicle could be seriously dented that it shows even from a distance. These deep and extensive dents call for more than just filling and spraying of the body. Although these initially discussed techniques may work, it will last only for a short period and fall off, since deep dents are pretty different and delicate. So then, to make your dent repair exercise more effective, consider starting it from scratch.

First, you have to ensure you scrap off the dented zone so it remains clear of paint and visible for fresh application. If it is a deep dent then you may strike it from the inside part with a light ball-pen hammer to restore its formal shape. This however may not be all effective but it will help at some point to retain the body shape close to its initial form.

Once you have the dented zone scrapped off, you may then apply some filler material such as special cement that works with metallic surfaces. You should smear this filler cement on the affected area and left to dry out, after which you will reapply the final spray upon completion of repair.

One main advantage of learning to repair your vehicle body by yourself is that you gain the technical skills involved as well as from the fact that you will have saved on money that would otherwise have to pay at the garages for the dent repair.

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