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J. H. Yeomans
Washington Times-Herald
December 31, 1922

Upon this last day of the old year we fell an insatiable desire to fall in line with others of the ilk and tell motordom just what is to be expected in the new year—we feel that it behooves us to take our standard keyboard in hand and prognosticate.

Any decorated reference to the accomplishments of the motor industry during the past year would be superfluous, as we have very carefully enumerated every outstanding feat of motorcar building as it has come to light and credited each brand with its merits—we have told oft and emphatically of the relation of the car to man and the whys and wherefores of an investment in a car.

Leaving the old year with our hat off to its contributions to motor transportation we will face the future, the new year with its good that we anticipate and its bad that we hope may be avoided by detour.

To begin with there is going to be a world of new stuff under the sun of '23 and it won't be long now before the innovations in automobile construction will begin to dawn on you—we will not divulge all of the advance information that has come to us from confiding motor magnates but we will attempt to give you an inkling of what is to be au fait in the gas wagon of the new year.

We have it from the master mechanics of several leading factories thay wheels will continued during 1923 and little if any change will be noted in the number allotted to the new models. A very trusting builder tells us that splines will be used in the cars of the new year and that he expects to see connecting rods between pistons and crankshafts as usual.

Still another motor authority eases us the information that, come what may, cambre will be maintained—he even goes farther and confidentially tells us that the popularity of the cotter pin will not wane for at least a twelve-month.

We are authorized to say that windshields will be placed between the driver and the future in all new models as they were in the old and rims will be round regardless of any rumors to the contrary. We feel sure that jacks will have an elevating influence upon motorcars next year if their operation is clearly understood by the '23 crop of drivers. No authority has committed himself as to what is going to be done with shims but we presume that they will be found in the same places.

Wrist pins will connect the northern ends of connecting rods with pistons in all cars that run and unless we have misunderstood our informant 1923 ignition systems will be very dependent upon "juice" for their effectiveness. Motors will be hooded next year in spite of a wave of feeling against the Klan and whether you like it or not your new car will be fitted with headlights on the bow or leading end and rear lights on the stern.

On some '22 cars all lights have proven themselves stop-lights and with this fault in view 1923 lights will be so assorted as to confine stop-lights to the trailing end of the car.

Having laid before you the few important and salient features of the automobiles of 1923 that we are free to release we feel that we should close as gracefully as possible by committing you to your automobile representative for safe conduct further into the mysteries of the future car wishing you and him and us a Happiest New Year.

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