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NASCAR Media Conference

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NASCAR Media Conference

Jeb Burton
June 25, 2013

AMANDA ELLIS: Now we are joined by Jeb Burton, driver of the No.4 Arrowhead Chevrolet for Turner Scott Motorsports in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series. Jeb is a member of the recently announced NASCAR Next class and won his first NASCAR National Series race on June 7 at Texas Motor Speedway. He's currently second in the points standings and will make his debut at Kentucky speedway on Thursday night.
Jeb, as a rookie, how do you prepare for racetracks that you have never raced on before?
JEB BURTON: First off, thank you for having me all on here. That's a good question. Texas was the first time I was there, and what we've been doing is just easing into it the first couple of laps and just look at our surroundings on the racetrack and then go after it.
But Kentucky, we went there and tested two weeks ago. So we really feel like we're really prepared to go to Kentucky.
AMANDA ELLIS: Thank you. And we'll now go to media for questions for today's second NASCAR teleconference guest, Jeb Burton.

Q. How are you doing, Jeb?
JEB BURTON: Doing good, man. How about you?

Q. All right. Obvious question, has everything sunk in from a few weeks ago at Texas?
JEB BURTON: I think so. Definitely for the guys it has. We've got some momentum right now, and we've been fast every week. We should have won a couple of other races. So it's definitely sunk in, and we're focused on the job at hand and ready to get to Kentucky.

Q. Once you look back on that, did you have any kind of timetable in your mind when you might break through like that? Especially to do it at Texas, how satisfying was that?
JEB BURTON: Well, like I said, we had the speed every week. It was just having a little bit of luck and being at the right place at the right time. We finally got that off our shoulders, and now we've got some momentum, and the pressure's off of us to win now.
We're just going to keep doing what we're doing and run top five every week and hopefully get another win.

Q. Jeb, your father has been almost apologetic about the fact that he wasn't able to give you everything you needed on the way up to your truck ride and the success you've already had there. Did you feel that the win was almost like a sense of relief for him too at Texas that you got that burden off your back?
JEB BURTON: I think so. My dad has done a lot for me, so him saying that, he just means by me not running K&N and ARCA and having a whole bunch of opportunities, and I think not having that has made me the person I am today and made me the race car driver I am.
Looking back on it, I'm kind of glad that I didn't. I've done something different than a lot of people and just jumped right from late models and went straight to trucks. So I think definitely it took a big weight off my dad, and all his hard work's paid off.

Q. Along those lines, your father did not attend your portion of the press conference at Texas. I'm wondering, was that by design? Did he not want to steal any of your spotlight?
JEB BURTON: That's a good question. I haven't even thought about that. Dad‑‑ probably so. Dad's looking out for me, and he cares a lot about me. So that's probably so. That's probably right.

Q. Hi, Jeb. Thanks for joining us. Just looking at your qualifying record this year, it seems like you guys unloaded fast, just pretty much week in, week out. Does that give you guys confidence? Was it kind of a frustrating part of it too? Because you guys have been fast qualifying but never seem to be able to put it together in the race until Texas.
JEB BURTON: We definitely had the speed every week, like I said. It was definitely really good to get it done at Texas. We should have won at Kansas and spun out. Charlotte, we had a loose wheel. Martinsville, we had stuff go wrong. So finally to put it together was definitely gratifying.
We've got the speed every week. So hopefully we can keep doing it.

Q. Have you had any experience with the Kentucky track at all? I know it's a mile and a half like Texas, but everybody says it's very different because of the bumpy nature and just some other little differences. What's your outlook for that?
JEB BURTON: We actually tested there two weeks ago, and we have a really, really good truck there. Pretty pumped up about it. Like the racetrack. I like the bumps. It makes it a handful to drive, and I think it kind of puts it back in the driver's hands a little bit. So I'm excited to get there.

Q. Hi, Jeb. Thanks for taking my question. Kind of following up on that last question. Matt Crafton was there the same date you were at Kentucky for the test. I'm wondering if you found yourself kind of looking over and seeing what he was doing or checking out the times he was running there?
JEB BURTON: Well, I got behind him on the racetrack one time, and we were catching him. So I think that's a good sign.
We've kind of been focusing on our stuff, and Matt's going to be good in the race. He is every week. Our race team is trying to focus on us, and we just got to keep doing what we're doing so we can be on stage at the end of the year.

Q. Jeb, right now you're outrunning your teammate James Buescher, the Series champion. Are you surprised at that? How much have you been leaning on him for help in the Series?
JEB BURTON: I haven't really leaned on him any. James is a good driver. They've had some good runs but just had stuff go the wrong way. So it's kind of not really my place to say why they're not outrunning us.
We've just been focusing on us, and that's what we've been doing is just focusing on our race team.

Q. Do you have open access to whatever he runs? Is that how it works at Turner Scott?
JEB BURTON: Definitely. After every practice, we have team meetings and shared notes. That's the really good thing about Turner Scott Motorsports. We all work as one team, and everybody is here to help each other.

Q. Jeb, I was just wondering which driver, whether in the Camping World Truck Series, Nationwide, or Sprint Cup series, has given you the best advice this year.
JEB BURTON: I would have to say Jimmie Johnson. He's talked to me a whole lot. He helped me a whole lot at a lot of different race tracks. So definitely give the credit to him and my dad. They've‑‑ Jimmie's done a really good job taking time and talking with me, and it really means a whole lot.

Q. What was Jimmie's advice to you?
JEB BURTON: Well, it just depends on what's going on. Jimmie obviously is one of the best there ever was, and I've talked to him about a lot of stuff off the racetrack about how to be better and just working out and trying to be the best you can be. I think that's why he's so good. He's so focused.
I've told him, that's my role model, and that's who I want to be like. So for him to take the time and talk to me, it really means a lot.

Q. Jeb, I was curious, after the win, if any Nationwide offers possibly came your way or any other additional sponsorships came your way?
JEB BURTON: Not really. I wish they did. We're working hard to run some Nationwide races this year. Hopefully, we can run two. Next year we're going to run the trucks again, and we've already got that lined up. Be back in the No.4 truck and hopefully about seven, eight Nationwide races next year.

Q. Obviously, a lot of attention and everything the few days after the win. What's it been like maybe after everything calmed down, or has it not calmed down?
JEB BURTON: Everything's calmed down. It was a really cool experience, but once we got back on the plane on I think it was Saturday, it was kind of over for me. I was ready to get back in the car and do it again.
All my guys are pumped up. We've got the speed every week. Hopefully, we can go do it again this weekend.

Q. In terms of your style, how would you describe your approach, your mindset? Is it ‑‑ have you kind of defined your own personality. Do you take more after your dad? Do you take more after your uncle? Who is kind of someone you try to copy on the track?
JEB BURTON: I think I'm a whole lot like my dad. I like to treat people like I want to be treated and show respect to everybody. All the guys at Turner Scott Motorsports know how bad I want it, and I come to the shop almost every day when I'm in town.
I'm living the dream, man. Just got to keep working hard at it and keep doing what we're doing so we can be on the stage at Miami.

Q. Do you kind of put a lot of thought into your racing like your dad and your uncle seem to? They're both known as being kind of cerebral in terms of their approach.
JEB BURTON: I guess so. Like I said, it's not a day what goes by I'm not thinking about how I can be better. Just got to stay focused and keep doing what we're doing.
AMANDA ELLIS: Jeb, thank you for joining us today. That's all the time we have. We wish you the best of luck this weekend in Kentucky.
JEB BURTON: Thank you so much for having me.
AMANDA ELLIS: Thank you to all the media for joining us as well. A transcript of this teleconference will be available later today along with audio files. All can be accessed at nascarmedia.com. Thank you. Have a great day.

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